An AvGeek’s Home – My Aviation Collection

As an AvGeek, I collect just about anything related to commercial aviation. I have just recently moved house, while doing so I made the decision to share with you some of my aviation collection.

I collect airplane models that I flew on as a passenger. Most of my models are GeminiJets, in both 1:200 and 1:400 scale. I decorate the showcase with models and include some of the flight certificates in the background. I have hundreds of airline amenity kits from traveling and many sets of sleepwear.

I adore tableware with airline logos, but not the generic ones. I also collect in-flight menus from the flights I have been on. Some of them are rare or one of a kind; such as the inaugural A350-1000 flight on Qatar Airways, the last breakfast menu on EL AL B747-400 and the flight menu from Hello Kitty flights on EVA Air. On my book shelve, I have a varied collection of aviation books and this includes my latest book Air747.

Apart from my collection, my new home boost a great view over Dubai Airport. I can easily do plane spotting from my balcony. Watch the amazing view from the roof top of my building with sweeping view of Dubai city and Dubai Airport.