Brazil Flying Adventure – Azul A350, Cessna Caravan to Rio + Santos Dumont

I visited Brazil and flew on the largest plane in AZUL fleet; the A350 from Paris to São Paulo Campinas, then I flew on the smallest plane in the AZUL fleet, a Cessna Grand Caravan to Rio de Janeiro. This vlog is about my flying adventure in Brazil.

My first AZUL Airlines flight left from Paris Orly in the evening hours. The Prime Class lounge in Orly provided some good plane-spotting opportunities. The Brazilian cockpit crew explained the flight route, flight time, and flight level (40,000 ft). We took off with 250 passengers and 245 tons of weight. During the flight, I tried out the Business Class product of AZUL and checked out the meals on offer in Economy Class as well.

After landing, I traveled by car to São Paulo Congonhas Airport in the city to fly on the Cessna Grand Caravan to Rio. It was a fun and scenic flight. Leaving the massive São Paulo city, it didn’t take long for the green rural scenery to appear and it gets better by the minute. We flew around the coastline towards Rio at 9,000 ft, cruising around 145 knots. The flight took about 1 hour and 20 minutes, and the distinctive landscape of Rio de Janeiro appeared.

The weather was so great in Rio, seems the whole town is out at the beach. I took the cable car to the Sugar Loaf for some plane spotting at one of the most spectacular airports; Santos Dumont Airport in Rio de Janeiro.