Extreme Flight: Flying 46 Years Old Boeing 727 in Africa

I traveled on Astral Aviation B727-200 cargo flying from Nairobi, Kenya to Mogadishu, Somalia. The B727 freighter is 46 years old but still going strong. The aircraft carried 14 tons of food and general cargo to supply the United Nations and various NGOs in Somalia.

Watch the amazing 3 men cockpit crew flying one of the last active B727 in the world. Captain Rafael came from Panama, check captain Oscar is from Bolivia. Flight engineer Joachim who has over 16,000 hours on the Boeing 727, explained what flight engineers do on the B727. Captain Rafael made a special briefing before landing in Mogadishu. We must land from the seaside to avoid any attack on the aircraft.

Aden Adde Int’l Airport was really busy with a lot of regional and international flights in and out, it is the main hub and the gateway to Somalia. After all the cargo being offloaded, we return to Nairobi cruising at 28,000 ft. What a great adventure to fly on the 46-Year-old Boeing 3 engine jet!