Flying on Unbelievable Russian and Soviet Planes

This video shows you what is it like flying on Russian and Soviet built airliners such as Tupolev, Ilyushin and Antonov. The video also features two of the largest built transporter, the Antonov 124 and Antonov 225. These jets once were flying in the competing universe of aviation to the West but now disappearing fast in the sky.

In the video, you will see rare footage from the cockpit flying Russian and Soviet built jetliners such as Tu-154, Tu-134, IL-62, IL-76, An-12 and An-74. You will also see the difference of cabin interiors of these Soviet planes. They are very different to the modern planes we travel on.

I have a vast commercial airplane interest not limited to Boeing and Airbus. I love to fly on rare aircraft types. Do you know I've flown more than 60 times in Soviet built airplanes? This video will bring you to a different level of aviation experience! Enjoy!