Incredible Flight on Antonov AN-124 Cargo Transporter

I went on an INCREDIBLE ride inside the Volga Dnepr An-124 Ruslan Cargo Transporter from East Midlands to Toulouse. Designed in late 1970s, capable of carrying 120 tons of oversized cargo. An-124 is one of the biggest cargo aircraft in the world. It was an important means of national transport and prestige object for the Soviet Union. Fourty years later, it is still highly sought after in the transport sector.

6 cockpit crew and 7 cargo loadmasters operating my AN-124 flight. There are built in cranes and equipments inside the aircraft for the An-124 to operate in any remote airfield without support. Watch the complex loading exercise before a flight inside the “hidden” passenger compartment of An-124. I mounted GoPro camera to capture the 6 men cockpit action during the flight. Loadmaster Vladimir explains all the characteristics and operations of the An-124.

Flying on Antonov 124 is unlike any other flight experience I have in the past. It is RAW Aviation and really brings the “AvGeekness” out of me.

For more info on Volga Dnepr Group, please visit their site