Inside Emirates Engineering – How Did They Bring an A380 Back to Life?

I visited Emirates Engineering in Dubai, which is the world's biggest A380 maintenance facility that can house up to 11 A380 at one time. It was an eye-opening tour, I’ve seen so many interesting things that we normally wouldn’t.

First I was shown an Emirates A380 currently going through a heavy 3C check with all cabin interiors, seats, panels, bins removed. It is very different from the fully decked-out A380 that we normally fly on.

Next, another A380 is being prepared to return to service after storage, it performed a gear retraction check (gear swing). The 575 tons A380 was on 3 jacks with landing gear up. The engineer explained all the necessary tasks for the A380 to return to service. Take a look at all the interior work being carried out.

Then, I visited the cabin interior seat shop where you can find all seats (First, Business and Economy class) came off the airplane and being inspected. It is very interesting to see how engineers paint the panel and put wallpaper on planes.

Finally, I visit the paint shop to understand how they paint and apply special decal on airplane. I saw the Emirates UAE 50th special anniversary livery in the paint shop.

I would like to dedicate this vlog to all the hard-working engineers, who work day and night to ensure the plane are well maintained and safe to fly.