Inside the New Irkut MC-21 and Luxury Sukhoi Business Jet

At Dubai Airshow 2021, I visited Irkut MC-21. This is the MC-21 International debut. Check out the airframe, cabin, cockpit, and testing station. I interviewed an engineer onboard the MC-21. They revealed the MC-21 will be entering service in 2022 with Rossiya Airlines. The modern MC-21 cabin resembles Airbus 320 or Boeing 737. Can the new MC-21 be a serious challenge to the dominated Airbus/Boeing on the narrow body market?

The Irkut MC-21 (Russian: Иркут МС-21) is a single-aisle airliner, developed by the Yakovlev Design Bureau and produced by its parent Irkut, a branch of the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) in Russia.

Next, I checked out a Sukhoi SuperJet (SSJ) in VIP configuration branded as Aurus Business Jet. The interior of Sukhoi is similar to the western counterpart, with tablets to control all the functions of interiors. The price will vary from $39 million to $50 million, significantly cheaper than other private jets in the same category.