My WORST Flight Experiences – What Happened on These Flights?

What was your worst flight experience? I recently experienced some of the most uncomfortable, expensive, and basic services on my recent flights.

I had an uncomfortable flight on Southwest Airlines to Dallas. Nothing really went wrong. Just one of those days you have no shoulder room with 3 big guys in the same row. It was beyond a tight squeeze. Southwest has a free seating policy which is more speedy but has no guarantee of seat and space. The narrower width on the 737 didn’t help of course, I think A320 may be better in my situation with a wider fuselage.

Next, I flew on Delta B717 to Atlanta. The flight time was 2 hours and there was only a snack available in First Class. This does not compare well with many international airlines which serve a full meal for the same length of the flight. It reflects the current state of airline service. The fares are much higher now but passengers are not getting more out of it.

On my recent United flight from New York to LA, I was served very basic food and the spoon was not even cleaned and checked properly. United has probably one of the worst in-flight catering over the years.

I’ve also had some good experiences recently on Bangkok Airways and Korean Air. All passengers on Bangkok Air can enjoy the airport lounge before the flight and receive a full meal on 1-hour domestic flight.