Seychelles to Maldives on Air Seychelles – Air Traffic Delay in Paradise!

I traveled on Air Seychelles A320neo from Seychelles to Maldives (Mahe to Male). The flight connects 2 Indian Ocean paradise. Find out why such flight exists from the video.

The flight was flown by Captain Nicole Chang-Leng and F/O Russell Morel. Captain Nicole was the first Seychellois female captain and she is currently the chief pilot at Air Seychelles. We took off just before the sunrise and saw the sun rising over the horizon later in-flight. We didn’t fly over any land since we left the runway in Mahe until the runway threshold of Male Airport, Maldives. Captain Nicole shared some great details of the flight. I review the in-flight service of Air Seychelles as well as the seating in both Business and Economy Class of Air Seychelles A320neo.

Maldives Air Traffic Control put the flight on an hour holding over the Maldives due to traffic. This has resulted in some amazing scenery below the plane. Male Velana Int’l airport was extremely busy with a lot of long haul flights and seaplanes.

We spent almost 2 hours at the Maldives on the ground while waiting for ATC clearance and a tow truck to start pushing back. On the way back to Seychelles, the pilots shared very useful information on conducting such ETOPS flight over the Indian Ocean and the challenges of alternate destinations from Seychelles.