Singapore Airlines Ultra Long Haul Flight + Singapore Airshow 2024

I traveled on Singapore Airlines’s 17-hour non-stop flight from San Francisco to Singapore to join the Singapore Airshow 2024. This video features all the highlights of the flight and the airshow.

My flight was one of many ultra-long haul flights Singapore Airlines operates from the U.S. to Singapore. I documented the current product and behind the scenes on how crew operate such long flight.

At the Singapore Airshow, China’s COMAC is showing its new C919, first time outside of China. I tour the cockpit of the C919 which looks like a combination of some of the world’s best cockpit, you find large screen displays, keyboard, mouse and sidesticks.

Another new airplane on display is COMAC’s ARJ21. Indonesia Transnusa is the first foreign operator. They spoke about their experience with the ARJ21. There is also a freighter version of the ARJ21 on display. I didn’t even know such type exists.

Next, I visited the Airbus A400M, a military transporter with soft landing capability on gravel and grass. It was also used for troops parachuting. Last, I went onboard Taiwan’s Starlux Airlines A330neo to see some of the latest features.