The Last Qantas Boeing 747 – An Emotional Farewell

A grand farewell to the Qantas Boeing 747 in Australia, Los Angeles and her final rest place Mojave airplane graveyard.

Qantas B747 is the most iconic plane that served the Australian airline for nearly 5 decades. I was in Los Angeles and Mojave for her final arrival before retirement. It was a bittersweet day to see her final landing on July 24th, 2020 in Mojave, Ca. (Landing by Captain Ewen Cameron, 11:50am local time)

After her landing, I was able to board the 747 and interview the pilots and spent some time with them for a final walk around. There are just so much emotions going through everyone to farewell the most iconic airplane. A lot of my love towards aviation was inspired from the Qantas B747.

In the video I shared my stories growing up with her. Not only I will miss the 747, I also miss the human stories around this plane; sharing the laughter, the passion, different cultures and experiences through the shared love of B747 that brought us together! Onwards and Upwards.