The Most Difficult Landing in Greece – Island Hopping Flying Adventure

I was Island Hopping with Aegean Airlines and Olympic Air in Greece. I flew from Rhodes to Kastellorizo, which is known as one of the most difficult and challenging airport in Greece due to the short 800 meter runway, with often strong wind and terrain and geographic restrictions nearby. The runway of Kastellorizo is sitting on a hilltop with cliffs on each side. Only the Dash8-100 and only captain is allowed to land and takeoff from there.

Next, I flew with Aegean Airlines Airbus A320 to Santorini, it was a beautiful flight over Aegean Sea; seeing many nice islands enroute. I was given a tour of Santorini and stayed in a spectacular cliff hanging hotel overlooking the Aegean Sea.

This is part 1 of 2 episode of my Greece Island Hopping adventure by plane. Stay tuned for next episode on flight to Samos and a maintenance tour of inside a “naked” A320!