The Odd Seat on Lufthansa B747-400 Business Class – Dubai to Frankfurt

I traveled on Lufthansa B747-400 from Dubai to Frankfurt as part of my Chinese New Year journey to the U.S. The Lufthansa B747-400 made a comeback after months of grounding and uncertainties. I am very glad to have the chance to fly on the B747-400 again.

Lufthansa has its own lounge in Dubai but it was rather small and basic. After a short stay, I moved to the Dubai Airport Ahlan Business Lounge which has better food selection.

Once onboard the Lufthansa B747-400, I have the only solo seat in the entire business class cabin. The solo seat 4D, is in the middle of the 747 nose area. The seat is rather exposed without much privacy but I can get in and out easily. It was an overnight flight so the entire flight was in darkness. I enjoyed a quick snack and breakfast before landing.

Overall, I am grateful to fly on the B747-400 again, a proven reliable workhorse for the airlines. This is just the first part of my journey to the U.S. on Lufthansa. Next week, I will share my video inside Lufthansa First Class Terminal and onboard Lufthansa B747-8 First Class from Frankfurt to Los Angeles.