The Secret World of Flight Tracking – How It Works?

I have been planespotting for over 20 years and technology has evolved greatly to make planespotter's life much easier because of the flight tracking app.

In the video, I visited AirNav Systems, a leading flight tracking company to explore how flight tracking works. Andre Brandao, CEO of AirNav explained the entire process from the airplane sending signals all the way to receiving from Radarbox to the server then final display in the app.

To my surprise, currently, there are over 24,000 devices all over the world including some in the most remote places are sharing data to make flight tracking possible. You can also become one of the flight data feeders!

Andre also shared with me the current aviation recovery with the latest flight data; the number of flights in the sky per day and region by region comparison. Some unique features of Radarbox such as airport heat map, airplane utilization, Air Traffic Control, Skyvector map were introduced in the video.

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