Ultra Long Haul – Air New Zealand B787 New York to Auckland

Air New Zealand has just launched non-stop flight between New York and Auckland, New Zealand. I was invited to fly on the inaugural flight which is currently the fourth longest flight in the world. The flight time was 16 hours 35 minutes. The video document the whole flight experience from takeoff to landing.

However, the inaugural did suffer set back with a storm enroute which require additional fuel for safety so some bags were left behind. The current inward-facing Business Class seat on Air New Zealand will be replaced by a new product in 2024. I visited the new Skynest mock-up in Auckland. For the first time ever, economy class passengers are going to have the option of stretching out for some sleep on actual beds during their flight.

There are also some great scenes of JFK Airport and New York City from the helicopter by ZIP Aviation in this video.