What’s Flying Pan Am B747 Like? The Pan Am Experience

What's flying Pan Am B747 in the 1970s like?

In Los Angeles, you can re-live the magic of flying onboard a luxurious Pan Am B747 at Air Hollywood.

I arrived at the 1970 airport terminal to check in on my Pan Am Experience Flight. Retro dressed Pan Am stewardesses offered cocktail, prop cigarette and magazine. They served classic dishes such as caviar and chateaubriand exactly what Pan Am served in the 70s. The menu, seat cover, china served was original Pan Am items. During the flight, there are fashion shows with flight attendants dressed in all Pan Am uniforms over the years and assorted international airlines uniform. It was great retro fun and the memories linger on my mind for days!

For tickets and more information, visit http://panamexperience.com/