World’s Largest Aviation Themed Entertainment Studio

I visited Air Hollywood in LA. It is the world’s largest aviation-themed entertainment studio which provide realistic, film-friendly airport and aircraft standing sets and props to the motion picture production industry.

I was shown how they turn used airplane parts into amazing aviation collectible and furnitures. For example, a round table bar also made from 747 engine cowling, table made from airplane wing, wine holder and other art items.

My tour of Air Hollywood continue to see where Hollywood film all its plane scenes. There are several narrow and wide body airplanes and even a mock up terminal available for filming. The original cockpit of The Airplane Movie (1980) is also in Air Hollywood as a history piece. There is a fully stocked prop house that every type of aviation related items are available for rent from luggage to trolley, from check-in desk to x-ray machine.

Visit for more details and order custom made aviation collectibles and furnitures.