Review: Belarus Aviation Tour 2016 Part 1


Belarus Aviation Tour

May 5, 2016

I arrived Minsk II international airport by Etihad A319 direct flight from Abu Dhabi, it was a long 5h40mins journey. I am glad to arrive with good spell of sunshine in Minsk.


I was the first of many to arrive and greeted warmly by Merlin Tour staff, Ira.


An interesting leaflet from the Belarus Custom with Yak-40!


A very nice welcome by a line of Soviet aircraft display just outside the international airport

OS4A3803   OS4A3809   OS4A3828   OS4A3840 OS4A3794  

My badge of the tour. Visiting plant 407, flying Yak-40, An-12, An-26, An-2 (and Mil-2 add on later)


Hotel Renaissance - 5 star hotel in Minsk

Very comfortable room and top facility.

20160508_110123   20160506_145034  

Sightseeing in Minsk City in the sunny afternoon.


In front of National library, the ball shaped building

20160506_212248   20160506_212430    

The next morning we visited Aircraft repair plant 407 in Minsk I national airport where Tu-134, Yak-40 is being repaired.

20160507_100942   OS4A3507   OS4A3509   OS4A3513   OS4A3520   20160507_101603   20160507_101849   20160507_103332   20160507_103557  

From the observer seat looking out the window.


Throttle on the Tu-134 from the captain side.


VIP-configured Tu-134


A glimpse of the hangar


A photo with the organizer Boris and Ira


After the plant visit, we're back to Minsk 2 international airport where our joy flights on Yak-40, An-12, An-26 take place.


It was an incredible sunny day and you can see the airplane display next to the road outside the terminal.

20160507_122318   20160507_122142   OS4A3542   OS4A3548    

Motor Sich Airline

Yak-40 UR-88310

Flight time 1h15mins


Boarding via rear door


Cabin in 2-2 configuration


Cabin filled up with Avgeeks!

20160507_131032   20160507_135343  

Takeoff with leading edge view.


Stuck next to a sleeping in-flight marshall 🙂


Individual safety card with the aircraft reg on the card.


After circling over 1 hour, we come to land


Cockpit visit after flight. Very neat.

20160507_125559   OS4A3567    

Please see the video for takeoff and landing footage


To be continued...

See Part 2 of Belarus Aviation Tour

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