Emirates First Class B777-300ER Review
Emirates First Class B777-300ER Review

Review: Emirates First Class B777-300ER Hong Kong to Bangkok

Review: Emirates First Class B777-300/ER Hong Kong to Bangkok

Hi, and welcome to my latest Trip Report, Hong Kong to Bangkok and return by Emirates First Class

14 June 2009

Emirates #385

Hong Kong to Bangkok

For many years, Emirates has operated between Hong Kong and Bangkok. The late departure time has been very popular with both Hong Kong and Thai people to catch the ride after a full day of work/leisure. This heavily tourist route has usually been operated by a 2 class 450 seats B777-300 (A6-EMP/EMQ in particular) until last year Emirates have been sending the refurbished 3 class B777-300.

I was thrilled to learn at check in , I was the only passenger in First Class on tonight's flight to Bangkok. There was an A/C change from B777-300 to B777-300/ER. I proceed to the Hong Kong Emirates Lounge, which like most other lounges in Hong Kong, it has an open space roofless design on 3rd floor of the departure terminal.


There were some decent food offering, the same high standard with all Emirates Lounge Worldwide. However, I think the lounge can be separated into First Class and Business Class section in the Future.





Within minutes of seating down, a friendly lounge attendant lady came and took my drink order, instead having to stand up and serve myself. I have some braised duck and veal , knowing Hong Kong's satisfactory catering standard. The lounge attendant were also keen to found out why am I taking pictures around.

Boarding call came 30 minutes before departure time. I was one of the last one to board the plane after a few minutes walk from the lounge down to Gate 66. The lounge attendant remembers my name and personally came over to wished me a pleasant flight, it is that little extra things makes a big difference!

At the gate, A6-EBG is awaiting, it has the same First Class seats, however, Business class have the older recliner seats, not the lie flat seat recently installed on B777-300 fleet.

A very friendly Thai FA greeted me in Door 1L, I settled down in pre-selected seat 2K. I have flown the same cabin in 2006 so I am familiar with the seat controls. There are no amenities kit to be handed out on this flight. Emirates provides First Class customer with their own towel in a sealed bag, not sure this is because of the recent H1N1 flu outbreak? The usual Arabic Coffee and Dates were served before takeoff.

I informed FA that I am mostly interested to take some cabin photos so they turned on the mood light to oblige with my request.

1   2   3  

No complaints about the leg room in front!


We pushed back and departed prior to the STD, with 199 passengers on board. The loads tonight definity wasn't great as usual on this route. A quick takeoff from Runway 07R with banking to the Southwest heading for Bangkok, Flight Level was 36,000 feet with Captain Pereira (from India) and Captain Vrioste (From Bolivia) in charge the cockpit.

Inflight service soon start with welcoming drinks and a full dinner offering. Since I was the only passenger in First, the crew did not want to roll out the dining cart and wanted to work from the galley direct. However, as soon as I asked where is the cart, they happily obliged. Within 10 minutes of set up, they rolled it out !! Thumbs up to the crew!



The catering is from Hong Kong.

First Course : Balik Salmon with Caviar


For main course, I have a mixed entree of Fish/Chicken with Vegetable and Tofu Fried Rice. Thumbs up to the crew continuously topping up my OJ + Dom Mix

The taste of the main course were ok, slightly bland. However the Fish and Vegetable both are good.


Quite a simple dessert, suspect the same as Business Class


The usual tea set and Godiva box after dinner

After dinner, the purser came and introduce herself personally. She joined the company almost 20 years ago, when a time Emirates have B737! She set up the bed for me and told me would not wake me up until we're on final approach into Bangkok.


The seat can go 180 degree and leg rest extend to support my height (6"1, 185cm tall) . You feel private in the window seat with the divider up with 5 windows for personal viewing pleasure 🙂



The rest of the flight was eventless, the flight time to Bangkok was a quick 2hr 15 minutes. EK385 touched down in Thailand's capital at 2344 Local Time and parked in Concourse D, closet to Immigration and baggage reclaim. This concludes the short flight in First Class.

Because it was such a short flight, it was hard to enjoy all the First Class amenities, but like most of my other Emirates flight, I was satisfied and happy (and full) after the flight. It was also quite a breeze for the crew, as the cabin were not crowded at all.