On 26 May 2012, Jet Classic Tours arranged an Aviation enthusiasts charter of ATI DC-8-62CF from McClellan Airfield near Sacramento to Long Beach.

When the tour was announced, I jumped on the opportunity without even thinking about it, the tour was a huge sold out success immediately. The possibility of flying a DC-8 in year 2012 was quite amazing!

ATI DC-8-62 Combi have 32 passengers seats in the rear compartment of the DC-8, with the front as cargohold. The captain operating the flight told us, "Flying the DC-8 is like driving a dumb truck, while the B707 is like a Cardillac". Our flight feels extremely overpower and sturdy. Takeoff took only about 20 seconds to airborne. We flew over So Cal coast line and by pass LAX on the way out of Long Beach.

During our time on the ground at Long Beach, we were taken to the old McDonnell Douglas factory site for a tour. We took photograph under the old "Fly DC Jets" sign, which is now a historical sight and forbidden to be taken down.

Please enjoy all the sight and sounds of the DC-8 flight:

Walkaround the ATI DC-8-62 at McClellan Airfield before boarding

2   DSC_5596   1   3   4   DSC_5844   5

Boarding via the rear stairs into pax cabin.

  DSC_5621   DSC_5629   DSC_5669

Total capacity 32 seats

Flight 8C207


FL 350  Mach 0.82

Flight time 1h10mins

  DSC_5743   DSC_5778   DSC_5785

Takeoff over Sacramento area

  6   IMG_8677   IMG_0086   IMG_0090   IMG_8572   IMG_8579  

There is a sliding door access to the cargo hold from pax cabin.

IMG_8613   IMG_8616   IMG_8624   13   9   IMG_8622

Over LAX during descend into Long Beach


Arriving at Long Beach Ca

DSC_5688   DSC_5691   10

Departing Long beach back to Sacramento

Flight 8C208


FL 350  Mach 0.82

Flight time 1h10mins

IMG_8667   IMG_8694   IMG_8696   IMG_8697   8   IMG_8710

After landing at Sacramento, further explore the cabin and cockpit.

DSC_5846   DSC_5854   DSC_5864   DSC_5685   15   16   DSC_5799   DSC_5870   14   DSC_5875