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Singapore Airlines A380 First Class Suite Singapore to Tokyo Narita

SQ12 Singapore – Tokyo Narita (onward to Los Angeles) 9V-SKM Suite 3A Flight time 6 hr 30mins Passenger onboard 280 25 24 I received a warm usual greeting with FA offer to take my baggage and show me the suite seat and store the baggage. With just 3 passengers in Suite Class, everything seems smooth and easy. I took a few more cabin pictures after boarding is completed. The other 2 passengers being an elderly Indonesian women and her relative occupying the center suite. A sea of inflight amenity offered by Singapore Airlines. Really love the Ferragamo labels. 30 Welcome Ice Tea, specially made to order. 31 Some satay to nibble after takeoff. 32 Our flight time to Tokyo Narita was 6 hr 30 mins. 33 The leading stewardess (in green) from Malaysia kneel on the ground to serve. What a service standard demonstrated by SIA! 34 More Suite photo. The crews are very used to enthusiastic passengers taking photo of the cabin, and always offer themselves to help the passenger to take photo. 26 27 35 36 38 39 40 After settle down into the flight, the dining service begins. This time, I have selected the Japanese option include some very delicate raw seafood - sea urchin sashimi 41 42 43 My second course is Seafood Chowder, which I mixed with the Western menu. 44 Main course is Grill Sea Bass with miso eggplant, unagi don with clear soup. 52 53 54 55 56   The meal itself taste fine, they’re good but not really outstanding as Japan Airlines does better Japanese food than SQ (naturally) After a big meal, I skipped dessert and it is time for a nap. (I seem to keep repeating DRINK-EAT-SLEEP pattern on most flight) The kind SQ flight attendants offer me to sleep in the middle pair suite and set up both bed for me to use. With both doors closed, I have a massive amount of space all to myself. 45 46 47 48 49 I woke up after 2 hours. Have some more chit-chat with the nice FAs by my bed side! Nothing’s too bothering on SQ of course. Customer is KING, as always on SQ! 50 This photo just to show you how wide and massive these suites are. It can fit 3 guys inside one! 51   I sent my log book to the pilot, as a big surprise, the captain came down himself and we have a good chat about the good old days of SIA B747 Megatop, before the A380. I gave the captain a copy of my book. Later he bought me a SIA Scarf from onboard duty free as he simply can’t accept it as a gift. He was so professional. 59 An hour before landing, I took my second meal, which is a pre-order meal through “Book the Cook”. Japanese Miso Steak 57 Cheesecake dessert 58 Wash all the food down with a cup of hot green tea 60 After a 6hr30mins flight, we touched down on Runway 16R of Tokyo Narita with a sea of United next to us. 61 Star Alliance Rival Thai A380 just pushed back next to SQ. 62   Conclusion I clearly love Singapore Airlines and think they are still (and always) the BEST in terms of customer service onboard and professionalism. The airline tries really hard in every aspect to win and earn their customer. I often fly Middle Eastern carriers so a flight with SQ really put them to a much lower level. SQ A380 Suite is still as good as 7 years ago in my experience, having situated on the main floor, it offer plenty of room. (Most A380 First Class are on upper deck except Qantas/SIA) I can’t wait to see the new A380 suite product from Singapore in the next few years. Flying with Singapore is a huge pleasure, the pleasure is all mine!     Video Trip Report

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