Iran Aviation Tour 2016 Day 3 Flying An-74
Iran Aviation Tour 2016 Day 3 Flying An-74

Iran Aviation Tour 2016 Day 3 – An-74 and Yazd

Iran Aviation Tour 2016 Day 3

A remarkable finish!

Today we start early again at Tehran Mehrabad Airport Terminal 4 with our next flight, Antonov An-74

Pouya Air operated an additional flight today to cater for the high demand by our group.

Pouya Air PYA2351


Antonov An-74

Destination Ilam


As usual, every flight require a bus to the remote parking stand for boarding.


This provided us a good sightseeing of all the exotic planes parked on the apron at Mehrabad.

64   65   66   67   68   69   70  

Onboard An-74 again, nice colour!

71   72  

This is the onboard entertainment control panel.


Everybody is happy! Only 2 Iranian passengers and the rest is our group!

74   75A  

Flight attendant Ms Aresu


Onboard catering provided by Iran Air


Ilam is a city in and the capital of Ilam Province, Iran and the third biggest kurdish city in Iran. At the 2006 census, its population was 155,289.

The Kabir Kuh mountain range lies east of the city. From the west it borders Iraq. The city is populated by Kurds and its primary language is Kurdish.

During the final approach, due to wind change, we aborted our landing and went around to land from the opposite direction which added another 10 minute of flying time.


Our plane is the only flight at Ilam airport.

76   77   78  

Luggage rack were installed on this An-74


Our group in front of the plane.

80     82  

Let's do some jumping exercise, looks like Andrea (the one on the far right) wins!

83   85   87   84  

In front of the Ilam airport terminal, the airport recently gained international airport status with ad-hoc flight to Najaf and Dubai.

The airport officials gave us a tour and arranged snacks and drinks for our group visit.

Most importantly, they welcome photography!

88   89  

Inside the airport terminal.

89C   89D   90  

After an hour on the ground at Ilam, our group re-boarded the flight back to Tehran. We were given a chicken cheese burger snack box by Iran Air catering 🙂


On the return flight, the cockpit crew invited all of us to visit the flight deck one by one.

The An-74 retains the usual spacious cockpit of Russian design. It is usually operated by 2 pilots and 1 flight engineer.

91   92  

Takeoff video

92A   92B  

I was invited to observe the landing into Tehran Mehrabad.

93   94   95   96  

It was really difficult to take landing photo from the An-74 cockpit as the plane nose usually dive down for landing. With the 3 high chairs of crew in front, I have to stand up for landing to make these photo possible!

97   98   99    

Landing video

In the afternoon, our group did some spotting near Mehrabad Airport and visited Azadi Square (Freedom square)

This brings our 3 days Aviation Megafun trip in iran to an end.

Many of the group travel onboard Iran Air B747-SP to Kuala Lumpur that evening. Some had their "flight of their life"!

100   101  

Here are some photo onboard Iran Air B747-SP from Tehran IKA to Kuala Lumpur. Photo taken by Radek O.


12803242_1133523800015450_93076527106205242_n (1)







Extension trip to Yazd

The next day 12 of us went on another flight to Yazd. It is the driest city in Iran and has many unique Persian architecture.

This time our flight is operated by Aseman A320. Before boarding, we have some good views of the ramp.

106   107   108   109  

Arriving at Yazd Airport.

110   111  

Yazd Airport terminal.

112   113   113B   114   115  

Sightseeing in the city center, below is from Fahadan Hotel

116   117   118  

Honeymoon Suite at Fahadan Hotel

119   120   121       124   125   126  

Next we visited Jame Mosque

127   129   128     131   132  

Handicraft shops

133   134  

A beautiful Persian restaurant setting

136   137   138   138B  

We returned to Tehran in the evening by Naft Air Fokker 100.


Again, we've met very friendly crew which kindly allow us to take picture in the cockpit and cabin.

140   141    


Highly Successful Trip thanks to all the people!

I have to thank all of the people and organization involve in the tour to make this tour a very successful one. Iranians are among the warmest people we have met and the kindest and most resourceful ones too. They don't have much but they gave us their best. Once they understood our passion, they were able to offer us the warmest welcome from their heart. Not only great for aviation, it is the greatest humanity that have made our trip super successful and filled with sweet memories. It was a trip beyond possibilities. It was a history making trip. Iran is about to open its doors to the west when the sanction ease. I hope a very bright future for all the Iranian.