Thai Airways Royal First Class Review

This is a trip I took in October last year from Sydney to Tokyo via Bangkok on Thai Airways Royal First Class.

The Royal First Class experience start right after you arrive at airport. A bell boy takes your bag and escort you to the dedicated First Class check-in area.


I won't go through the check-in details but you can see the check-in process and amenity offered in this report earlier.

The golf buggy dropped me at the Royal First Lounge. Lounge is almost empty at around 6:15am.


I helped myself with some great Pie and Puff with my favourite Thai milk tea.

IMG_3294     IMG_3299  

After some snack, I even have time to go for a full 60 minutes massage in Royal Orchid Spa. The morning flight usually board rather close to the actual departure time so you do have extra time to enjoy the spa and lounge.


The gate was a long walk at the end of the C Pier. No golf buggy ride was offered and a TG ground staff escorted me and another First Class passenger from the lounge to the gate.

IMG_3306     IMG_3305  

After boarding, I was offered welcome drink and hot towel at my seat 1K.


A look around the cabin. First Class has 10/12 passengers today to Tokyo Narita.

OS4A1110   OS4A1101   OS4A1231  

Takeoff view on the PTV screen from the A380 tail camera.

Flight time to Narita is about 5 h 50 mins

FL 41,000 feet with 301 passengers total onboard.


Today's flight menu

  IMG_3307   IMG_3308  

I opted for the Japanese breakfast set. Both presentation and taste is quite average.

IMG_3322     IMG_3325  

After the meal, I went straight for a nap and later a cabin tour around the Thai A380

Onboard lounge area

OS4A1164   OS4A1159  

Magazine stand in front of First Class near the stairway.


First Class bathroom on Thai A380

OS4A1124   OS4A1130  

A nice cabin crew saw my high level of enthusiasm and offer me to visit the crew rest!

The crew rest is located below main deck, accessible via stairs.


Very nice configuration like hotel capsule beds with full entertainment control unit!

OS4A1176   IMG_3331   Thai have economy class on both decks. However, the upper deck seats are reserved for Royal Orchid Plus and Star Alliance elite members. If you don't have status, you can still try to enquire seat change at the gate.

Lower deck Economy Class


Economy Class on rear upper deck A380.



Business Class


A light meal (Japanese Soba noodle) before landing


Turning final over countryside


Kind cabin crew took a photo of me after rest of passenger deplane.OS4A1267


Overall, the flight was a very pleasant and comfortable one. The flight time is about right, not too short to miss the enjoyment of First Class but not a very long one for the jet lag to set in. Thai Airways flight attendants are very experienced and willing to go for extra mile. They saw through my passion and able to show me the crew rest and take many photo for me. There are some areas for improvement such as food. The ground service in Bangkok is still one of the finest, with full escort from the kerb side to the lounge and to the plane. Not to mention the 60 minutes spa in Royal Orchid Spa as a bonus for the trip!