May 3, 2016

Review: Qantas A380 First Class Dubai to Sydney

Qantas A380 First Class Review

Dubai to Sydney

Qantas fly from Dubai to Sydney and Melbourne daily as part of their London to Australia service. Quite often, I use Emirates and Etihad to fly to Australia but this time I opted for flying Qantas, the Australian carrier for a style change.

Qantas is a one world partner. I can redeem my American Airlines AAdvantage Miles on flying Qantas. Prior to the devaluation of AAdvantage miles, it cost only 60,000 miles to fly Qantas First Class from Dubai to Sydney one way. A considerable bargain! The availability on redemption seat is generally quite good on Qantas out of Dubai if you book in advance!

I arrived 2.5 hours before my departure time. Nothing beats the wife drops me in her own car (which is better than Emirates Chaffeur drive!) at the kerb side of Premium Check-in


Qantas use Emirates Terminal 3 check-in. First and Business Class check-in is done at the dedicated area.


After a swift check-in with almost no passenger (very few joining from Dubai) I went straight pass security and head over to Emirates First Class Lounge in A concourse where my flight departs from.

You can read the detail report of the lounge here.


Boarding commenced around 30 minutes before schedule departure time.

Passengers in the lounge can board directly from the lounge.


Extra security on every flight bound for Australia. No liquid over 100ml allowed.


Main podium boarding underway.


VH-OQI "David Warren" is operating to Sydney today as QF002


Welcome onboard Mr Chui!


My suite 1A just after turning right at door 1L.

20160421_085745   20160421_085801  

The seat can be swiveled around, but at upright position it faces at a straight up angle.

OS4A0563   OS4A0574  

Pol Roger Cuvee Sir Winston Churchill vintage 2004 Champagne is served

20160421_085926   20160421_085935   20160421_090050  

View from Suite 1A

It is considerable more private than other suite in First Class as you are seated in front of the whole cabin. The drawback is, there is a bathroom and closet in front of you and you get the foot traffic occasionally.


Qantas First pyjama and SKII amenity kit.


We pushed back on-time and took off on Runway 30R around 9:40am

Windows on A380 always posing problem for filming, the gap between inner and outer window is large and size are drastically different.


We climbed to FL330 initially track over Oman, then towards Mumbai and Southern India and Sri Lanka.

Then we will fly pass Singapore before continue heading SE direction into Western Australia and across central Australia to Sydney.


The First Class Cabin from the rear.


Today's flight menu - created by Rockpool chef Neil Perry

20160421_091515   20160421_091455   20160421_091553   20160421_091610   20160421_091640   20160421_091653   20160421_091657  

Seat control unit, also serve as a flight map unit.

20160421_100652   20160421_100742   20160421_100711  

Canapes: Caviar tartlet and rare beef tartare.


Apptitzer: Salmon Tataki


Main Plate: Seared Black cod.


One of the best airline meal I have to this day!

The food in both presentation and taste is excellent.

The presentation is simple yet elegant. The taste is done just right without overly tasty. It has a good balance of flavour without being too salty or enhanced. It is also served with good moist without being too dry. Well done to the galley crew onboard.

A bathroom visit after the meal 🙂

20160421_120023     20160421_120045  

The staircase to upper deck.


A photo with Qantas A380 F/O Don C. He was informed by the crew that a "special" aviation enthusiast is onboard and Don came out during his breaks to chat with me.  We had a great chat and even found out we know some common persons in the aviation circle in Australia.


On the upper deck of Qantas A380, it feature a lounge with red leather sofa.


There is also a serve self bar.


Back to my seat after a quick look around.

Dessert: Sticky Rice with Mango pudding and ice cream.


After a very satisfying meal, I opted for a day nap. The bed is turned down with a very thick and soft wool mattress. This is definitely substance over style, the mattress has to be the best one in the air I've slept on.

The bed is wider than the usual First Class convertible bed and my foot do not touch the wall in front.


I slept firmly for 4 hours and we're over Indonesia when i woke up.


Another meal (Dinner time in Dubai) I chose the grass fed steak fillet. It is done just the way I wanted. Still tender inside and not too dry. Note how simple and elegant plating on Qantas!


Some tea and get back in bed!


The flight went non-eventful and most passenger have woken up for breakfast 2 hours before landing into Sydney. It was pitch dark outside while we flew past some of the very isolated Central part of Australia.

Again, the breakfast really impress me. It is simple eggs and toast yet the eggs are good running and moist.


We landed at 05:07am in Sydney Kingsford Smith Internatonal Airport. The airport has a curfew and arrival are only allowed after 5am and have to land from the South overwater. We were the second in landing just after a British Airways B777 from Singapore.

Captain Steve H allow a cockpit visit and gave me a very informative A380 cockpit orientation. We exchanged  lot of pleasantries and joked about losing the race to BA in landing ("A fine line between childish and professionalism") was his reason!

20160421_232438   OS4A0708  


I am extremely glad I chose Qantas to fly to Australia. There are many occasions the crew did way more than they normally would to make sure I enjoyed the flight. They observed that I am an aviation enthusiast and ensured I was looked after and even informed the pilot an "Avgeek" is onboard!

A cabin crew also showed me the tail camera while he realized I didn't have it turned on during flight!

Before landing, the crew would gladly took my phone camera to film the landing for me!

It is these little details that count and standing out!

The Qantas pilot are really the best pilots, they're very professional and able to share lot of knowledge and engage in a good chat in aviation matters. They're also very down to the earth.

The quality of food and beverage, amenity kit, comfort of the mattress is second to none. Qantas may not be a very flashy airline but they got everything right for me!

I would have no doubt looking forward to fly Qantas again, the spirit of Australia!

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  1. Thomas Lemmon

    I have family from both New Zealand and the UK so I travel a bit (maybe once every 2-3 years), nothing like you do. On the most recent trip my older 21 year old sister was traveling back to NZ for uni and I joined her for a holiday there. As she had gotten a few trips done over the past few years she had her economy ticket upgraded to business class. Before we boarded in Gatwick and waiting in Dubai we went to the lounges. They were amazing and I have been thinking about them since. This site and your youtube channel are so cool and informative. So thanks for that. Hopefully next year I will go to Sydney university to study engineering so I would also be making the long commute annually like my sis. I had no idea that it is possible to travel in the higher classes fairly cheaply, and reading through your blog is fascinating on how the mile system works and how the airlines offers deals. I would love to travel a lot in the future like yourself so this really helps me out a lot. I was wondering what you thought of being an international uni student in the city of Sydney. Was it nice, good atmosphere? And maybe this is a stupid question but don’t you get major jet lag effect traveling so much? Whats the best strategy to deal with it?

  2. Helmut Thorei

    Good review but how does it compare with Emirates when the QF flight is not a 380.

  3. Julius Bax

    Very special airline, I love Commonwealth airlines, BA, Air Canada and Qantas, Air New Zeland to name a few. They just have this professionalism but a sense of fun at the same time.

    • Sam Chui

      Thanks and agree.

  4. Thank you for one more special report.Read and see a lot from your trips arround the world.Wish you much more exiting trips and happy landings.Best regards from Germany Gerd Welz

    • Sam Chui

      Thanks for the kind comment.

  5. Matt Takamine

    I thoroughly enjoyed this…well done, Sam. Many thanks. Aloha, Matt

    • Sam Chui

      Thanks Matt.

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