Oman Air First and Business Class Lounge

Muscat International Airport

I was transiting at Muscat for 2 hours between my flights from Abu Dhabi to Bangkok. I have the opportunity to visit the flagship lounge of Oman Air at their home base Muscat.

Lounge entrance is behind duty free area in the airside.


Podium of the lounge after entrance.


First Class Lounge is separated from Business Class Lounge


Business Class lounge sitting area.

Oman-Air-Muscat-Lounge-5   Oman-Air-Muscat-Lounge-6   Oman-Air-Muscat-Lounge-7   Business Class dining area Oman-Air-Muscat-Lounge-8  

Beautifully presented the buffet area. Almost looks like a Las Vegas theme style buffet!

Oman-Air-Muscat-Lounge-9   Oman-Air-Muscat-Lounge-18  

There are plenty of food to choose from. Main focus is Middle Eastern and regional (Indian) flavour.

Arabic Mezze


At least 4-5 types of main dishes to choose from.


Chicken Skewers


Grill Fish


Lamb stew


Kapsa rice and vegetarian curry.


Finger sandwiches and cakes.


Dessert corner


I tried a bit of everything and the food was very tasty. The food standard is certainly better than many Business Class lounge in the world I've visited.

There is also a small bar adjacent to the food corner but no alcohol can be served during the holy month of Ramadan.


More sitting and dining area behind the buffet.

Oman-Air-Muscat-Lounge-17   Oman-Air-Muscat-Lounge-11  

Massage chairs.


A separate children's area. A MUST have feature in Middle East airline lounge.


Private Room for families.


Prayer Room - Foot Shower.


Prayer Room


The Lounge also feature a spa!

Business Class passenger gets 15 minutes free treatment.

I have a very good foot massage.


The spa room is very nice and clean. There are 2 rooms in total.


For some flights, you can board directly from the "Lounge gate" which take you downstairs to a bus. There are no aerobridge in Muscat Airport at the moment, so all the boarding have be done by bus transfer.

Oman-Air-Muscat-Lounge-30   Oman-Air-Muscat-Lounge-31   Oman-Air-Muscat-Lounge-32

This bus takes me direct to my flight to Bangkok 


Oman Air First Class Lounge

During my stay in the lounge, the very friendly Omani staff kindly showed me their First Class lounge which has a separate area behind the closed door.

It looks like a hotel lobby with luxury sitting and dining area.


Lounge Dining is a la carte order only.


  Oman-Air-Muscat-Lounge-41   Oman-Air-Muscat-Lounge-42   Oman-Air-Muscat-Lounge-43  

The lounge staff told me each week they have about 20 or so First Class guest use the First Class lounge. It is really boutique and luxury with some local influence in the furniture and decor.

Currently Oman Air offer First Class on flights to/from London, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. There are 3 A330-300 fitted with First Class (6 seats cabin)



I really like the Oman Air First and Business Class Lounge. They're very boutique in the size yet offer all the comfort of a traveler wants. The food is good and the spa is a perk. I have no problem passing a few hours in this lounge!

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