Below are my top 10 favorite airlines with their latest post

The rankings are based on my own extensive air travel experiences and preferences.

Coming from an aviation geek point of view, I view the travel experience as a package which include ground experience, in-flight experience, flying experience, frequent flyers benefit, safety, professionalism, surprises and other perks!

I do not receive any benefit/goodwill/commission by compiling this list. The ranking may move from time to time.

No 10 Emirates

Emirates is now the world's largest international airline with an unrivalled fleet of A380 and B777. The airline has became the world's airline in its sheer size and capacity. Emirates in-flight entertainment ICE is one of the very best system I've came across!

No 9 Qantas

Qantas has the best safety record to all the airlines. Their pilot were always extremely friendly towards aviation enthusiasts and often accommodating and inspiring future aviators. Qantas flies the Spirit of Australia high!

No 8 Thai Airways

Thai Airways have always been a favourite throughout the years since I first flew with them in my teens in the 90s. Thai boast a timeless tradition with their Royal Orchid service. I always enjoyed their "Smooth as Silk" service onboard.

No 7 Air France

Air France La Premiere product is just phenomenal! The food and beverage onboard is exceptional! Their effortlessly elegant style put many other designs to shame!

No 6 Lufthansa

Lufthansa is the most consistent airline in Europe in my view. They're solidly good in every regards on my flights! Kudos to them by continuing the Boeing 747 life by flying B747-8i in the fleet.

No 5 Iran Air

Iranians are among the warmest people we have met and the kindest and most resourceful ones too. They don't have much but they gave me their best. Once they understood my passion, they were able to offer me the warmest welcome from their heart. Iran Air does exactly that to win my heart. I can't express how much I have enjoyed flying on their B747 classics again and again!

No 4 Etihad Airways

Etihad is my current home carrier and have came a long way since my first flight with them 10 years ago! I have witnessed this young airline improving every time I fly with them. They have the best A380 out of all carriers in my opinion.

No 3 Qatar Airways

Skytrax Airline of the year 2015 said a lot.

Qatar Airways is the best of ME3 in my opinion. Their in-flight service set the bar higher among their peers and much more consistent throughout many flights with them. I love the roses and swanky onboard lounge on their A380. I also love flying their B787 on the 40 minutes Dubai Doha shuttle.


No 2 Cathay Pacific

Throughout the years, Cathay remains an airline always deliver superior service yet remain very low key. Their outstanding long haul Business Class are among most traveller's favourite. I can’t recall a time where I’ve crossed a cranky flight attendant or had an on board request not delivered within minutes of asking. Service and efficiency is where the airline really stands out. Cathay has completely revamped their First Class lounge in Hong Kong. They're beyond amazing!

No 1 Singapore Airlines

This is the airline that will go above and beyond for their customer in great length. Service and professionalism start with each staff with SIA! This is an airline service level other airline talk about! SIA set the golden benchmark for travel. On any given day and given flight, SIA delivers world class in-flight experience to its passengers, in all travel classes. I am proud to fly the World's first commercial A380 flight with Singapore Airlines. I am also proud to have Singapore Airlines B747 on my first book cover.

What are your top airline in the World?

Do you agree or disagree with my views?


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