Iran Air Airbus A319 Skids Off Runway
Iran Air Airbus A319 Skids Off Runway

Iran Air Airbus A319 Skids Off Runway

An Iran Air Airbus A319 skidded off the runway during its landing roll at Kermanshah Airport on the 1st of February, leaving the aircraft stranded on, soft, snow-covered ground.

The aircraft, registered EP-IEQ, was performing flight IR283 from Tehran Mehrabad with 110 passengers and crew on board, when upon landing on runway 29 at 02:30Z it skidded off the end by approximately six meters (20 feet).

Preliminary reports suggest that the aircraft lost traction due to the significant amount of ice and snow on the runway and surrounding areas. Some posts on social media state the nose gear tires ruptured; however The Aviation Herald reports only minimal damage was sustained by the aircraft, if any at all.

Iran’s Aircraft Accident Investigation Board reports that the aircraft was to turn off the runway, via taxiway alpha, and come to a stop between taxiway alpha and bravo.

The Aviation Herald produced this graphic presenting the estimated location of the aircraft:

Iran Air Airbus A319 Skids Off Runway
Estimated location (The Aviation Herald)

Iran Air says that no technical defects were present at the time of the incident, also that the aircraft skidded off the runway during its turn onto the taxiway.

The following METAR information is from the time of the incident:

  • OICC 010300Z 30012KT 0400 R29/0400U SN FG FEW010 FEW035CB OVC060 M01/M02 Q1010 A2985=
  • COR OICC 010230Z 30017KT 0300 R29/0300D SHSN FG FEW010 SCT035CB OVC060 M00/M01 Q1010 A2983=

Passengers exited the aircraft using stairways and made their way clear of the aircraft, to then be transferred to the airport terminal. No one was injured during the landing incident.

The aircraft has since been removed from the runway, airport flight and ground operations are operating as per usual.