This is a pictorial report of my Qatar Airways A380 flight to London in Business Class

Al Mourjan Business Class Lounge

Business Class passenger on Qatar Airways can use their excellent Al Mourjan Premium Lounge in Doha.

Tips: It may get a bit crowded in peak hub hours such as early morning or midnight. If this is the case, you can use the family section located at the back of the restaurant upstairs. I found this area always to be quiet and less crowded.

Here are some photo of the impressive lounge with the family section of the restaurant upstairs. You can get cooked a la carte breakfast as well as a full buffet spread.

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Business Class seating of Qatar Airways A380.

There are total of 48 seats across 12 rows in one huge Business Class section in the middle, on the upper deck of the A380. The best seat is the window seat if travelling alone. All seat feature flat bed with all aisle access.


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Food and Beverage

Qatar serve Billecart-Salmon Brut Champagne and warm nuts (crunchy cashews with almond!)

The meal service is on-demand means you can dine at anytime, with full table setting service (no tray!)  My meal was fantastic in both presentation and taste.

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Qatar Airways A380 Onboard Bar

The bar is the best onboard bar I've seen and experienced. It is swanky and classy. Check out the comparison to Emirates and Etihad here.

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I have a very relaxing, private and comfortable Business Class flight with Qatar Airways A380 to London. The service is excellent, cabin crew worked hard to create a nice and welcoming environment for the passengers. The flat bed is excellent with good padding. Food and Beverage is of high quality and I can't fault anything from this flight. Prior to landing, passengers were given fast track arrival card which is very useful as there were several A380 arriving at the same time.


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