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Emirates New First Class Suite review

Review: Emirates New First Class Suite on B777-300/ER

Emirates launched their phenomenal "Game Changer" First Class Suite on a new Boeing 777 during the Dubai Air Show in November 2017. I was among the first to see the new product.

Ever since then, I have been hoping to fly on it to appreciate the real experience.

Currently the new Boeing 777, fitted with new First Class Suites, flies to Brussels and Geneva.  After the peak travelling season of December and early January, I finally have time to fly in the new First Class Product to Brussels. Please note more details were shown in my video, I strongly recommend you to watch the video to get the full experience.

Video (Highly Recommended)


My day started with the Emirates Mercedes Limo Ride to Dubai Airport from my home. Emirates flights depart from Terminal 3 of Dubai but they could use any of the gates across the 3 concourses (A, B or C) at Dubai Int'l Airport (DXB).

My flight is departing from gate A6 so I used the Emirates First Class Lounge at Concourse A. This is the newest lounge which spans across the full concourse with direct boarding access to each gate from the lounge. However, personally I prefer the Emirates First Class Lounge at Concourse B!  To me best thing of the Emirates lounges is the excellent food with ample space to relax!

After passing an additional passport check at the boarding gate (for Brussels only)  I entered a gate holding area only to realize that I had to board a bus, due to the plane being parked on a remote bay!

The Cobus 3000 is not too shabby đŸ˜‰ I had the whole bus to myself! It was great to see that Emirates have a separate bus exclusively for First Class Passengers!

Emirates First Class CoBus3000
Emirates First Class CoBus3000

Emirates 183

Dubai (DXB) – Brussels (BRU)

Saturday Jan 27, 2018

Depart: 8:20AM

Arrive: 12:45PM

Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER 

Reg: A6-EQJ

Seat: 2F (Middle)

"Welcome on-board!"  I was greeted by the purser, Ahmed, from Egypt at door 1. He informed me that I was the only passenger in First Class that day, so I can have all 6 suites to myself!

I was already familiar with the layout as I visited the new Suite during the product launch in Dubai Air Show.

I walked past the beautiful Ghaf tree, The National Tree of The UAE, decorated on the wall and turned right to my middle Suite 2F.

a wall with a tree on it a room with a bed and a mirror


Love at First Sight

It was definitely love at first sight! There is so much room, each suite offers up to 40 square feet of thoughtfully designed privacy!

I quickly settled into my beautiful suite and had a glass of Dom Perignon 2009 vintage champagne.

a man sitting in a chair with a drink in his hand a man sitting in a chair with a drink and a plate of food  

All the details..

I was so impressed by the attention to detail in Emirates’ new first class.  The cabin is indescribably beautiful and posh!

At the front of the suite is the minibar, with drinks and snacks that you can help yourself to throughout the flight.  There is also a massive 32″ personal television, as well as a vanity with a toiletry kit and writing kit.

a tv on a counter

There is a second screen that serves as a remote control with individual fan nozzle controls and more gold plated buttons to play with!

a screen on a device

Mini-bar is on both left and right side of the front panel. a shelf with drinks and cans

In the middle of the table, you can push to open the First Class vanity; this comes with a mirror and a light.  It features Byredo products and also comes with a leather notebook and pen.

a makeup kit in a mirror a hand holding a black box with a small white package A leather notebook for you to drop notes. a person holding a black notebook

In each suite you have your own magazine racks (2 racks in fact, one on the left and one on the right) for reading materials.

a magazine in a holder

A snack basket to help during the flight in your private suite.

a bowl of food on a table

There is also a cute set of binoculars for you to look out of the window! How cute and thoughtful!

a black binoculars on a table

Oh yes, i really love this gold seat belt buckle!

a metal object on a white cloth a man taking a selfie in a mirror

Of course there is your private closet for you to hang your clothes.  This closet is also home to the pouch for the binoculars, the headphones, and the magazines.

There is also a large storage cabinet under the front panel, which can perfectly stow a carry on suitcase (not pictured here)

a bag on a swinger

USB charger, powerpoint and HDMI cable outlet all present in a easy to reach spot, just below the table.

a close up of a device

Note the subtle Ghaf tree (national tree of UAE) decoration on the wall.a white wall with a tree

Next to the seat, there is another remote control; this one is to adjust the lighting, suite temperature and level of privacy!

a screen with text on it a screen with buttons and switches on it

Windows in the middle?

Perhaps the star of the show is the virtual windows, available only in the two middle suites (1E and 2F). This is also the primary reason why I booked myself in the middle suite!

There are high definition TV screens sending the actual footage to this motion enabled window throughout the flight.  It is really astounding to me how clear the image is!

This is exclusive to Emirates, no other airlines have it!

a laptop on a table in a plane a tv on a shelf Watch the takeoff from this virtual windows in my video!

Video (Highly Recommended)


I was able to visit the cockpit before the door closed (see video footage)

We pushed back from the remote bay on-time and departed from runway 30R of Dubai with a Northerly route to Brussels.  Flying time was 6 hour 40 minutes with 268 tons as take-off weight.  The pilots told me that this particular B777-300/ER, Reg A6-EQJ had only 300 hours of flying time on the clock!

I have an international crew, consisting of a purser from Egypt and 2 flight attendants from Australia and Thailand.

I was offered more Dom Perignon 2009 vintage champagne after take-off with warm nuts.

a person holding a bottle of wine a glass of wine and a bowl of nuts

Here is my middle suite 2F, after take-off.  Note the view from those virtual windows!

Note that the chair is in a reclined position called "Zero Gravity" which is inspired by NASA, to offer maximum comfort and reduce jet lag.

a room with windows and a desk
Chair in zero gravity position to maximze comfort.
Chair in zero gravity position to maximze comfort.

The privacy is unparalleled on the Emirates New First Class, from floor to ceiling fully enclosed.  There is a service window, that can be pulled up or down manually, for the crew to deliver service to your suite.

a close up of a door

The only way the crew can see you is to peek through these little holes on the service window!a wood surface with holes in it

The crew came around to offer pyjamas, slippers and an eye shade.  There is no more amenity kit offered on this day flight to Brussels.  The pyjamas that Emirates offer is called "hydra-active" pyjamas; which by wearing keeps the body hydrated throughout the flight.  Mind you it is very large in size, an “M” size fits a big guy like me so do not order too large in size!

a black bag with a button a white tag with black text
Myself wearing hydra-active pyjama and looking out of the window!
Myself wearing hydra-active pyjama and looking out of the window!

Cabin Tour

After take-off, since I was the only passenger, I took the liberty to have a look at the other First Class Suites in the cabin.  All the suites have the same high standard features; they look incredibly posh with high end finishing.

Emirates New First Class Suites on B777
Emirates New First Class Suites on B777
Emirates New First Class Suites on B777
Emirates New First Class Suites on B777

Suites 1K and 2A offer the most privacy, as you have nothing (just a wall) next to your suite.  So even without closing the door, you have great privacy!

a wall with a light on the side

Unfortunately, say for a couple travelling together, there are no adjoining suites.  The best alternative is suites 2F and 2K or suites 1A and 1E as they are just an aisle away from each other.

Also it may be worthwhile to point out that the centre suites (1E or 2F) have the benefit of being slightly more spacious, as they are not impacted by the curvature of the fuselage.  I simply felt more room in the middle suite as the wall is not curved!

a room with a bed and a mirror

Time for a nap

The flight attendant suggest I take another suite for some sleep since I had an early morning wakeup call so she kindly set up Suite 1K for me to sleep in.

The flight attendant also showed me the compartment above the seat that holds the bedding for the first class suite.

a bed and pillows in a room a bed with a laptop and a computer on it

Emirates New First Class Suites on B777
Emirates New First Class Suites on B777
Emirates New First Class Suite with full privacy
Emirates New First Class Suite with full privacy

Dine on Demand


The massive dining table can be pulled down easily by the rope in front.

a drawer with a light on it

After some rest in the private suite, I woke up for lunch.

First, I was served a trio of canapes which consisted of sweet potato tarlet, humus with lamb cube and smoked salmon crepe.

a plate of food on a table

The first course is caviar with all the garnishes; other choices include chicken consomme or mushroom soup, Arabic Mezze, smoke halibut carpaccio, roast beef tenderloin and seasonal salad.

a plate of food on a table

I tried out the Arabic Mezze as my second course; it has 9 types of mezze filling up 3 small plates.  I do not suggest this dish for visitors as the taste is quite heavy.

a plate of food on a table

There were 5 choices of main course, which consisted of braised lamb shank, stir fried prawns, chicken baharat, shiitake ravioli and grill kingfish (healthy option) I chose to have the stir fried prawns, which was delicious.

Take note that some of the menu options in First Class are the same as on offer in Business Class, but presented differently and with First Class Tableware.

a plate of food with shrimp and vegetables a person holding a bottle of wine a table with plates of food and glasses of wine

Enjoying my first class lunch with virtual window views playing out in the middle suite 2F.

a man sitting at a table with food on it

In the photo below, you can see that you can have the door fully closed and the flight attendant can reach you via the service window hatch.

a man and woman sitting at a table in an airplane a man sitting in a chair with a glass of wine After the main course, you can sample 5 types of cheese on a plate. a plate of cheese and nuts The last course is the hot dessert; pear and chocolate crumble, which is excellent! a bowl of food on a table

Hot towels, toothpicks and a chocolate, to finish off this massive lunch.

a plate with a towel and a napkin on it

I have definitely enjoyed the Dine on Demand service in Emirates First Class.  There were so many choices across Western and Oriental cuisine, I am sure there is a dish to fit your appetite.  In my case, I liked a few of them and could possibly have tried out few more, if I had more room in my stomach!

During the flight, there was also a little display set up near the front door with fresh fruit, sandwiches, snacks and drinks.

a table with food and drinks on it
Mandarin and pears
Mandarin and pears

With all the windows turned down, the night view of the cabin was even more stunning under the blue mood light.

a wall with a tree in it

The Emirates New First Class retained those fantastic stars on the ceiling. It definitely enhanced my mood when I walked around the cabin.  However, with the suite doors closed you cannot see them during sleep, like in the old First Class Suite.

a blue lights in a room  

Sweet Landing

The flight is never quite long enough while you're fully enjoying every feature of the new First Class and having massive fun.  I know this is only a first class problem!

Here is the view from the virtual windows as we descend into Brussels after 6 hours and 40 minutes flying time.

a laptop on a table with windows Watch the video for the landing from middle suite virtual window and HD TV screen! I strongly recommend you watch the full video to get the full experience!



My Verdict

Emirates New First Class Suite on the B777 is truly a "Game Changer" as the airlines advertised.  It is spectacular, posh and with so much attention to detail that I cannot think of any aspect that is lacking or has been overlooked! It is a one of a kind experience that you must try to believe it!

My only concern is there are just a few B777, so far, fitted in the new First Class Suite. Emirates have previously mentioned that it will only be available on nine planes by the end of 2019; so not every destination will get the new First Class, and you may have to go out of your way to try this product.

Compares with Emirates A380

Unlike the Emirates A380, the Emirates Boeing 777 First Class does not come with a shower spa.  It also does not feature the onboard lounge located in the rear of the A380 for both First and Business Class passengers.  However, there are many enhanced unique features on the Boeing 777 as we have seen above! I have not heard of any plans to convert the current First Class Suite on the A380 yet!

Currently the new Emirates Boeing 777 flies to Brussels (EK183/184) daily and double daily to Geneva from Dubai. It will also fly to London Stansted from June 1.

Cheap way to fly?

Currently Emirates have closed award/upgrade inventory on the new First Class Suite. So you can only buy a ticket to fly the new First Class.  The cheapest way is to fly from Colombo, Sri Lanka, to Brussels or Geneva via Dubai.  A one way First Class ticket starts from just $2,500 and a round-trip in new First Class costs $4,200.  You may also have to factor into your budget positioning costs to Colombo.

Compare with Etihad A380 Residence?

Quite a lot of viewers asked me to compare the new Emirates First Class suite with Etihad The Residence on their A380.  I have flown both products and think they both phenomenal and uber luxury.  Both products offer fully enclosed privacy.  However, I must point out that Etihad The Residence on A380 is not a First Class product so it is not a valid direct comparison.  We should compare First Class to other First Class.

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