Plaza Premium Lounge (formerly the Al Dhabi Lounge) at Terminal 1 of Abu Dhabi International Airport have been remodeled recently. It is now the largest pay-in lounge at Abu Dhabi Airport. The new lounge is fantastic and I like this lounge even more than Etihad Business Class lounge! The pictures below will tell you why!

If you have a credit card with Lounge Key access, or Priority Pass then you have complimentary access to this fantastic new lounge. Otherwise you can also pay to use the lounge. The cost is in the 2nd picture below.

Plaza Premium Lounge Abu Dhabi

Plaza Premium Lounge Abu Dhabi

Cost of the Abu Dhabi Airport Plaza Premium Lounge

Cost of the Abu Dhabi Airport Plaza Premium Lounge

Below is a series of pictures of the newly remodeled lounge. I visited this lounge at around 6pm which isn't the busiest hour. The new lounge's size and capacity has increased significantly, with over 12,100 square feet of space and over 180 seating capacity. It also features new furniture and a huge separate dining area.

A full service bar is located at the end of the lounge.

In terms of facility, separate male and female shower rooms are available. They are huge in size!

The lounge also offers head/neck/shoulder massage. The price is shown on the menu card at the top of this post.

In terms of food, there are decent amount of salad, hot food and dessert to choose from a dedicated buffet area. There are also lot of waiters on hand to serve you drinks.

Overall this lounge is consistent with other newly refreshed Plaza Premium Lounge in the world. I found it pleasant and offer every amenities a premium lounge would.


Here is the summary of the new Plaza Premium Lounge Abu Dhabi T1

Level 1, Terminal 1, International Departures, Abu Dhabi International Airport (just behind the airport screening)
Opening Hours
24 hours daily


Tel: +971 2 505 2847