Major fire to delay Airbus production

Premium Aerotec, a subsidiary of Airbus based in Augsburg, Germany, was left without their plant on Friday night when a fire broke out, causing tens millions of euros worth of building and equipment damage.

Preliminary reports from witnesses and media indicate the fire initiated in a surface treatment area before rapidly spreading to nearby goods. At the time, no one was in the building, leaving no injuries behind, however dozens of firefighters spent the night in the heat battling the blaze until it was under control.

Major fire to delay Airbus production

Firefighters attending Premium Aerotec blaze

Major fire to delay Airbus production

Exterior damage of the plant

Investigations are underway as to what caused the fire, specifically focusing on workplace safety and conditions as well as any intentional acts.

As a consequence of this fire, Airbus has been left in a difficult position as they state “virtually all Airbus models” will now be delayed. With Premium Aerotec being a tier-one supplier for Airbus, the company has no choice but to accept the delays and scramble their backup plans into place.

The fire-claimed facility specializes in producing completed fuselage and aircraft sections for Airbus defense and commercial offerings, including the A400M, Eurofighter Typhoon and A350. Award winning titanium and composite components have been produced at the facility, which are all implemented on the mentioned aircraft.

Major fire to delay Airbus production

Premium Aerotec composite component manufacturing

In statements to media, Airbus has outlined the delays could last several months before parts at the Augsburg plant could be completed and installed into aircraft pieces.

With over 4000 employees situated at the plant, Airbus will have to utilize them to get things temporarily up and running before the plant can be restored and outfitted with replacement equipment. Options include moving operations to Premium Aerotec’s other facilities in Romania and four others in Germany.

Airbus is already under enough pressure, with engine issues causing strife withn the A320neo Family. Workers are hammering away harder than ever with the push to meet the company’s 2018 goal of 800 aircraft – a reduction from the 820 figure. Additionally, Airbus has included the A220 to cover up potential shortfall in deliveries.

Despite these unfortunate events, Airbus remains positive about 2019, stating the hunt for orders is on and greater developments within the company are being prepared. Additionally, work on the A220 program is said to dramatically increase, with smoother production and new facilities being developed.

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Airbus has been left stumbling with shock after one of their critical facilities was cleaned out by a raging fire. The facility, occupied by Airbus subsidiary, Premium Aerotec, was left with tens of millions of damage to the equipment inside and the building itself on Friday when a fire ignited in what's said to be the surface treatment area. No injuries were sustained since no one was inside at the time, however firefighters spent the night trying to get the blaze under control. Premium Aerotec manufacturers award-winning composite and titanium parts for Airbus defence and commerical aircraft including the A350, Eurofighter Typhoon and A400M. Additionally, other Airbus aircraft have components made there as well as speciality Boeing 737 and 787 parts. Airbus has stated virtually all Airbus models will be delayed for several months because of this incident. Investigations with police and factory operators are now in place. #airbus #boeing #airbuslovers #airbusaviation #boeingaviation #a350 #a350news #787 #787dreamliner #dreamliner #aerolineas #bbj777x #privatejet #latinamerica #aviationgeeks #aviationgoals #aviationlovers #aviationlife #aviationdaily #aviationworld #takeoff #landing #aviation #planes #planelovers #planespotting #love #777x #photooftheday #folow4folow

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