Air France considering shutdown of Joon
Air France considering shutdown of Joon

Air France considering shutdown of Joon

Air France considering shutdown of Joon

Joon, which commenced operations towards the end of 2017, is now under the microscope as Air France considers shutting down the airline.

It’s become clear that Joon was an odd airline from the beginning, with many customers expressing their difficulties understanding what or who they were targeting. The following advertisement posted by the airline offers a quick and easy visualization on what type of airline they are:

Hip uniforms, a modern and expressive experience and cheap air fares when combined, proved to be a effort that made customers confused and a turned off according to ongoing discussions within management.

The same feedback about the airline was also passed on to Air France by pilots, flight attendants and investors, who all tried their best to achieve the best for the airline but simply never understood its roots.

Based in Pairs Charles de Gaulle, Joon has progressed from small routes across Europe to various medium and long-haul destinations such as South Africa, Brazil and India. The following table lists their current fleet:

Aircraft Number in Fleet
Airbus A320-200 7
Airbus A321-200 4
Airbus A340-300 4

Joon is also set to receive new Airbus A350-900s from Air France’s order, however with the likelihood that the airline will be reabsorbed by Air France, the aircraft will be introduced as Air France, which they state will have a better interior product. Parts for their first aircraft have already arrived at Airbus’ facilities, as seen in the image below:

Air France considering shutdown of Joon
MSN 331 – First A350-900 for Air France/Joon

Image taken by Tobias Gudat 

All Joon flights will continue to operate until a decision is made. Air France states firmly that even if they decide to reabsorb Joon, all flights will be honored by moving passengers onto Air France flights.

With such a small fleet, the changeover from Joon to Air France is expected to be complete in a short amount of time. Preliminary contracts have already been signed by flight attendant unions who approve of Air France’s actions.

The name of the airline is a fitting one should this decision go ahead, as Joon is meant to sound like Jeune, which translates from French to English as ‘young’, which is exactly what the airline is considering it’s future is almost non-existent.