BREAKING: Boeing 707 crashes near Tehran

A Iranian Air Force (Saha Airlines) Boeing 707 cargo aircraft has crashed in the outer regions of Tehran, with reports stating 16 members were onboard at the time.

Fatality wise, emergency teams recovered 16 bodies from the site, with one being a surviving crew member, specifically a flight engineer.

Authorities state the aircraft was flying from Bishkek to Karaj’s Payam Airport carrying a large amount of meat as cargo when the aircraft turned towards Fath Airport, which cannot handle a 707-like aircraft.

Once touched down at the wrong airport, the aircraft overran the runway, leaving perimeter fences and land with extensive damage before plowing into a residential area, setting alight.

The Iranian Air Force was quick to identify the aircraft as EP-CPP, which is a 42 year old Boeing 707 belonging to Saha Airlines.

The following Twitter posts show the aircraft in flames and its wreckage:

Personal note from Sam Chui on Instagram:

Sam made a couple of reports on the Saha Air Boeing 707, with one dating back to 2006. Check them out bellow by clicking on link:

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Additional information to come as it appears.

Update 1 (10:21pm AEDT) – Adjusted information based on new reports from multiple sources including The Aviation Herald.