Airbus delivers first A320neo Corporate Jet

Acropolis Aviation, a VVIP charter company based at Farnborough Airport, has taken delivery of the first ACJ320neo during a delivery ceremony held at Airbus‘ Toulouse delivery center.

ACJ President, Benoit Defforge, reflected on the delivery in the following statement:

“Delivery of the first ACJ320neo is the latest milestone in the roll-out of a completely new ACJ Family, enabling even more of the comfort, range and value prized by business jet customers.”

The aircraft, MSN 8403, is powered by two CFM LEAP-1A engines and is registered G-KELT. Acropolis Aviation states the aircraft will have the ability to fly routes such as non-stop London-Tokyo and London-Los Angeles or London-Sydney with one refueling stop, all with 19 passengers and a full baggage complement. This is achieved by using the additional fuel tanks in the cargo hold, an increased maximum takeoff weight and the latest generation engines as seen on airline A320neo Family aircraft.

Airbus ACJ320neo performs maiden flight

Airbus ACJ320neo maiden flight

Not only does the ACJ320neo offer the same excellent interior acoustics as the A320neo, Airbus has used the ACJ configuration to increase the cabin altitude of the jet, specifically to 6,400 feet, allowing for greater comfort on long-haul flights, just like what passengers experience on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner or Airbus A350.

With the aircraft now delivered to Acropolis, it will now spend the majority of this year undergoing extensive modification and completion inside at AMAC in Basel, Switzerland. Just like Acropolis’ ACJ319, their ACJ320neo will be fitted with an interior designed by Alberto Pinto. Acropolis is keen to boast about the large master bedroom with an en-suite attached, featuring a tremendous shower. Additionally, the lounge and dinning area has been expanded compared to the ACJ319, allowing for greater productivity and relaxation while onboard.

Airbus delivers first A320neo Corporate Jet

ACJ320neo/319 Interior

Acropolis Aviation says the aircraft will enter service towards the end of 2019 or very early 2020, depending on when completion is concluded and a customer is booked.

May will see the second member of the ACJ320neo Family, the ACJ319neo, delivered to K5 Aviation, which will utilize the services of Fokker Techniek to complete the aircraft.

The ACJ320neo Family is the smallest of today’s ACJ offering, with Airbus also selling the ACJ330neo Family and ACJ350 XWB to accommodate those wanting to fly almost anywhere around the world with a greater payload and interior configuration.

Airbus delivers first A320neo Corporate Jet

ACJ350 XWB Rendering