Delta Airbus A220 launch postponed

With the U. S government shutdown still in action, Delta Air Lines has been forced to postpone the inaugural Airbus A220 flight due to the lack of approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Scheduled for the 31st of January, Delta has now pushed the flight forward to the 7th of February. To cover the route, an Airbus A319 has taken the place of the A220 for the LaGuardia – Dallas/Fort Worth leg.

So why do they need the FAA to approve an aircraft that’s already flying?

The aircraft has to be inspected by the FAA to ensure all elements are up to scratch and match all paperwork. Additionally, Delta needs a final signature from the FAA to certify they’ve completed all necessary introductory actions and training. Being the first to fly the type in the U.S doesn’t make the process easy either.

Already the airline has four Airbus A220-100s in their fleet out of the 90 on order (40 A220-100s and 50 A220-300s).

Customers who have paid for tickets just to be on the inaugural flight will have to endure the equipment change or attempt to re-book for another time.

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