Etihad adjusts Airbus and Boeing aircraft order
Etihad adjusts Airbus and Boeing aircraft order

Etihad adjusts Airbus and Boeing aircraft order

Etihad adjusts Airbus and Boeing aircraft order

Etihad Airways has been in financial strife for quite some time now, and with new jets on final approach to land in their fleet, the airline has agreed with Airbus and Boeing to adjust their orders.

Order figures outline the large amount of aircraft Etihad has on order after a massive shopping spree was executed by the airline in 2013. The following table breaks down the aircraft ordered by the airline:

Aircraft Amount on Order
Airbus A321neo 26
Airbus A350-1000 22
Airbus A350-900 40
Boeing 777-8 8
Boeing 777-9 17

Etihad’s revised orders see drastic changes, with Airbus noting the airline has cancelled an order for 42 A350-900s, leaving them with 20 A350-1000s, of which, the airline is committed to taking five in the near-term.

For the Boeing 777X, the 777-8 has been completely wiped off the table so far, as well as a reduction in the 777-9 order. Etihad only plans to take six of the larger 777-9 over the coming years.*

It’s also understood a number of 787 Dreamliners were also dropped from their books. Boeing and Etihad have agreed not to disclose figures yet, so these numbers are subject to confirmation. 28 of the 71 787s ordered have been delivered so far. The airline will continue to take delivery of aircraft until they reach their agreed revised figure.

However, despite the culling of widebody aircraft, Etihad will take all 26 A321neos for their narrowbody replacement/expansion plans.

Etihad adjusts Airbus and Boeing aircraft order
Etihad A350-1000 rendering in old livery

Looking at the revised figures, the table should look like this:

Aircraft Amount on Order/Set to be Delivered**
Airbus A321neo 26
Airbus A350-1000 20
Boeing 777-9 6

The financial strife that’s lead Etihad into their emergency restructuring plans comes after the airline reported losses of over $3 billion as well as the departure of thousands of workers.

As well as fleet strategy, Etihad will now focus on Abu Dhabi rather than imitating Qatar Airways’ and Emirates’ business structure.


*Boeing 777X information subject to change as numbers are announced at a later date.

**Amount on order/set to be delivered based on subtractions and figures found in research. These numbers are also subject to change.