Boeing slows 737 production

Boeing has announced its decision to slow down 737 production following the ongoing groundings of the type around the world, preventing deliveries.

From the middle of April, Boeing will reduce production from 52 aircraft per month to 42 – a 19% reduction. The move allows Boeing to retain current employment levels while they continue to work on the development, certification and roll-out of the new Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS) software update.

Simultaneously, Boeing is working on updated pilot training manuals and interactive courses for MCAS. An internal safety committee has also been formed to review how the company designs and builds aircraft.

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With this committee, an entire company evaluation will be conducted, verifying policies and processes involved in aircraft design and development. The committee will not only focus on the 737 MAX, but also all the other aircraft programs.

The CEO of Boeing, Dennis Mullenburg, states the company is working with customers and suppliers to ensure operational disruption and financial impact is kept to a minimum from this production rate change.

The preliminary report on the crash of Ethiopian Airlines flight 302 was released recently, which you can read about here:

Preliminary crash report of Ethiopian Airlines 737 MAX released



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Boeing has announced that they will temporarily reduce 737 MAX production from 52 to 42 a month. The decision comes as the worldwide grounding continues following the loss of two aircraft. Dennis Mullenburg, the CEO of Boeing, states the 737 program and related production teams will maintain their current employment levels during the crisis. Boeing is still working on the software update for the MCAS system found on the 737 MAX, with the release expected within the next few weeks. When completed it will be re-certified and sent to all customers. What are your thoughts? Comment them below. Photo: @boeing #aviation #avgeek #boeing #aviationlovers #airplane #airplanes #pilot #aircraft #aviationphotography #airbus #plane #airport #instaaviation #instagramaviation #planespotting #flight #fly #instaplane #aviationdaily #pilotlife #travel #sky #aviationgeek #flying #photography #planes #megaplane #777x #a350 #news

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