Earlier this week, we saw the US Department of Transportation (DOT) tentatively approved the application of the joint venture request from American Airlines and Qantas. With the joint venture, the two airlines can maximize their profit by operating the US-Australia market together. They could expand their networks, adjust their schedules, and even share the revenue.

So far, Qantas is the fifth airline having a joint venture with American Airlines, the other four are British Airways, Iberia, Finnair, and Japan Airlines.

Two New Routes

Just one day after DOT’s approval, Qantas published a media release titled “QANTAS AND AMERICAN AIRLINES WELCOME US DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION’S TENTATIVE APPROVAL OF JOINT BUSINESS“, showing their positive response while giving details for their next steps.

Qantas and American Airlines are going to launch several new routes in the next two years, starting with nonstop service between Brisbane and Chicago, as well as Brisbane and San Francisco. Qantas is going to reveal more details once they get the final approval.

The distance of the flights are 7,063 miles and 8,901 miles and both flights are operated by Qantas’ latest aircraft, Boeing B787-9. With a distance of 8,901 miles from Brisbane to Chicago, the route makes to the fourth longest flights in the world, after Newark to Singapore (9,534 miles), Auckland to Doha (9,032 miles), and Perth to London (9,010 miles). By then, Qantas would hold half of the four longest flights in the world.

Qantas B787-9 Experience

Currently, Qantas has eight Boeing B787-9s, with another six to get delivered. All the longest routes would be operated by this aircraft in the future.

The aircraft has a three-cabin configuration with 42 staggered Business Class seats in a 1-2-1 configuration, 28 Premium Economy Seats in a 2-3-2 configuration, and 166 Economy Class seats in a 3-3-3 configuration. This is one of the most comfortable 787s out there.

Qantas also designed several special supplement for the ultra-long flights, including healthy meals, self-service snack bar, and amenity kits for Economy Class passengers.

Redeem Qantas Flights

Qantas is a member of the OneWorld alliance so presumably, all OneWorld airlines can redeem Qantas flight. However, the best and the most valuable miles to use is American Airlines and Alaska Airlines.

Using American Airlines miles, a one-way ticket needs 40,000 miles in Economy and 80,000 miles in Business Class. Fortunately, tickets on Qantas can redeem directly on aa.com so there is no need to call the contact center.

Simply check the “Redeem miles” button and type in the departure and arrival city on aa.com homepage. Tickets for the new routes should become available once the airlines start selling them.

Using Alaska miles would cost 42,500 for Economy, 47,500 for Premium Economy, and 55,000 for Business Class. While the cost for Business Class is relatively low, Alaska has limited award availability on Qantas so it is hard to redeem.

Check the “Use miles” option on alaskaair.com homepage and choose departure and arrival city to book award tickets. Tickets for the new routes should become bookable if there is award availability once the airlines start selling them.

Bottom Line

the joint venture cooperation between airlines would absolutely provide more convenience for passengers in terms of more destinations, more direct flights, and more flexible schedules. However, this kind of cooperation would always raise the price in a certain market. While the schedule and more details are still not available at this point, it is interesting to see how American Airlines and Qantas are going to make this cooperation a success.

How do you think of these routes? What about the joint venture between American Airlines and Qantas?