Paris Airshow Day 1: During a press conference held by Boeing, the company provided three major updates regarding the 777X, ‘797’ and 737 MAX.

GE9X Redesign

Following the identification of wear in the front compressor section of the GE9X engine that powers the Boeing 777X, General Electric has been forced to implement a redesign, delaying the certification of the engine and maiden flight of the 777X.

Paris 2019:  GE9X engine faces redesign, no Boeing 797 launch, 737 MAX Update
GE9X Installation on the 777-9

Scheduled to perform its first flight on the 26th of June, Boeing and GE are now expecting this event to take place later this year when the redesign is complete.

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797 Launch

Although expected, Boeing has formally announced in a statement that there will be no launch of the ‘797’ or New Midsize Aircraft (NMA) this year as they’re still assessing the business case.

The ongoing 737 MAX troubles and 777X program are likely major factors in this decision, however with Airbus set to launch the A321XLR, Boeing may lose some crucial customers.

Until they’re happy with their product assessment, the aircraft will not be properly introduced to airlines, instead discussions about what they want will be held.

737 MAX Update

Speaking to the audience, CEO of Boeing Commercial Airplanes, Kevin McAllister, said any lessons from the 737 MAX crisis will be applied to the 777X and any future aircraft programs.

Boeing’s current priority is the safe return of the 737 MAX as soon as possible. No timeline has been drawn up as they’re depending on authorities clearing the aircraft.

McAllister also added:

“Our thoughts and prayers are with those families and loved ones. Safety is sacred. We know we have to regain confidence.”

Via Tim Robinson – EIC of Aerospace

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Paris 2019:  GE9X engine faces redesign, no Boeing 797 launch, 737 MAX Update