Kicking off day two of the 2019 Paris Airshow, Cebu Pacific has signed a memorandum of understanding for 31 Airbus aircraft.

The following table breaks down the MOU:

AircraftAmount Ordered

The addition of these new, highly-efficient aircraft paired with their fleet renewal scheme will see Cebu Pacific positioned to have a completely modernized fleet by 2024.

Announced during the signing ceremony, Cebu Pacific will configure their A330neo fleet with a high-density cabin, with a seat count of 460 and will be the first customer to feature 194 seats in a single class layout on an A320neo.

Paris 2019: Cebu Pacific signs MOU for A330neo, A321XLR and A320neo
Cebu Pacific Airbus A321XLR

Although no announcement has been made on the A321XLR seat count, members attending the signing ceremony have mentioned 240 seats.

Launched yesterday at the beginning of the airshow, the A321XLR will be available from 2023, delivering a fuel burn reduction of 30 per cent compared to previous generation competing aircraft such as the Boeing 757.

Fitted with additional fuel tanks, strengthened landing gear and revised trailing edge wing devices, the A321XLR will have the capability to fly 4,700 nautical miles.

For more information, see the launch article here:

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Paris 2019: Cebu Pacific signs MOU for A330neo, A321XLR and A320neo