Boeing held yesterday afternoon (20), at Paine Field, Everett (WA), USA, the first set of taxi tests with 777X.

The aircraft with registration N779XW and operating as WH001, proceeded to the taxiway and runway to complete a series of progressively faster taxi and brake tests. During these tests, the manufacturer’s engineers closely followed and analyzed the performance of the aircraft.

On some of the photos taken by Katie Bailey, its possible to see plumes of smoke coming from the tires from one of their most aggressive stops. The engineering team eventually had to use coolers to control the increasing heat coming from the brakes.

Check out the video of the first taxi test of the 777X:

The first maiden flight was scheduled for later this month, but an anomaly detected in the GE9X engine caused Boeing to postpone the maiden flight.

The 777X is the latest generation of the 777 series produced by Boeing.
The launch customers of this model are Singapore Airlines, Qatar Airways, Lufthansa, Etihad, Emirates, Cathay Pacific, British Airways and ANA – All Nippon Airways.

Feature Image by Jennifer Schuld