London to New York is one of the busiest routes in the world; many airlines operate flights on this route and it is very competitive. A few days ago, Virgin Atlantic had a deal on this route. It seems like, currently, many airlines on this route are matching Virgin Atlantic’s price.

The Deal

Example Itinerary British Airways LGW-JFK
Fare Breakdown British Airways LGW-JFK
Example Itinerary United LHR-EWR
Example Itinerary Virgin Atlantic LHR-JFK
Example Itinerary American Airlines LHR-JFK
Cost Summary American Airlines LHR-JFK

How to Find This Deal?

This deal can be easily found using Google Flights and ITA Matrix. When using Google Flights: choose Business as your cabin, enter London and New York as your departure and arrival cities, choose a date pair and select Nonstop.

Google Flight Search Setting

Then you can use the calendar tool to find the lowest possible price.

Google Flight Calendar Tool

Finally, choose the flights you like and book on the website that has the lowest price.

What are the Business Class Products Like?

American Airlines uses Boeing B777-200s on flights in this deal. The aircraft is equipped with reverse-herringbone Business Class seats in a 1-2-1 configuration. Check Sam’s Review below on American Airlines Business Class.

British Airways use Boeing B777s and B747s for flights between London and New York. These aircraft are equipped with a unique Business Class product, Club World. It is in a 2-4-2 configuration, with half of the seats facing the rear of the aircraft.

British Airways Club World

For Virgin Atlantic, they use a herringbone seat facing the aisle on all old aircraft and reverse-herringbone seats facing the window on Airbus A350s.

Old Virgin Atlantic Upper Class
Virgin Atlantic Business Class Deal
New Virgin Atlantic Upper Class

United Airlines uses Boeing B767s with the new Polaris seats on London-New York route. These seats are in a 1-1-1 configuration and are all front-facing. Check out Sam’s video below on United Polaris Business Class.

Where Should I Credit This Ticket?

This deal books into I fare class for British Airways and American Airlines, P for United, and Z for Virgin Atlantic.

British Airways I Class Earning Rate
American Airlines I Class Earning Rate
United Airlines P Class Earning Rate
Virgin Atlantic Z Class Earning Rate

Check out where to credit, enter your airline and route for more information.

Bottom Line

It is really rare to see deals across such a wide range of airlines. American and British Airways are members of Oneworld, United is a member of Star Alliance and Virgin Atlantic has a partnership with Delta, which is a member of Skyteam. There is a wide range of flights to choose from; if you already know your travel date, act fast!

With this wide range of available flights, this could be a good opportunity to take the famous BA 1 and BA 2. These flights are operated by British Airways’ all-Business-Class A318 from London City Airport (LCY) to New York (JFK). However because BA 1 has a short stop at Shannon, when you want to take this flight do not check the nonstop only option.

BA 1 and BA 2 Itinerary Example

Are you planning to take or have already taken advantage of this deal? If so, on which airline and which aircraft did you choose?