With Hurricane Dorian approaching, Boeing has evacuated their Charleston, South Carolina 787 Dreamliner plant.

Initiated by the State of South Carolina the announcement not only sees Boeing temporarily ceasing operations at the location, but also many other businesses in the area.

Boeing released a statement to employees updating them on the situation:

“Boeing South Carolina will suspend operations beginning tonight, Monday, Sept. 2. Teammates from all shifts are NOT to return to work following the Labor Day holiday…This decision follows an announcement by the governor of South Carolina to evacuate some residents in the local area. Teammates are encouraged to follow the government recommendations for this situation. Your safety is our top priority.”

Employees were given additional access hours to the facility to allow the retrieval of personal items.

Boeing Evacuates South Carolina 787 Dreamliner Plant
Boeing 787 Models at South Carolina Facility

Approximately 8000 employees are situated at the Boeing South Carolina plant, all working together to produce up to 14 787 Dreamliners monthly.

Freshly delivered parts and incomplete aircraft were placed inside the production building, to protect against weather and potential airborne hazards.

Four flyable 787 Dreamliner aircraft were a part of the evacuation, each being sent to either Moses Lake, Fort Worth or Everett.

Boeing Evacuates South Carolina 787 Dreamliner Plant
FlightRadar24 images of 787 evacuation (sourced from Simple Flying)

Boeing has experience in evacuating this particular plant after the 2018 Hurricane Florence prompted the rapid evacuation of employees, eight aircraft and a temporary suspension of operations.

Although the evacuation will reduce production output, the second 787 facility in Everett results in a constant flow of aircraft.

Regardless of production numbers, safety of employees and their loved ones is priority and hurricane weather is no working environment inside or out.

For those located where or around the hurricane is set to hit, we wish you all the best. Stay safe, look after yourself and look after others around you.