Adria Airways Files for Bankruptcy
Adria Airways Files for Bankruptcy

Adria Airways Temporarily Suspends Operations

Slovenia-based Adria Airways announced that they will temporarily (on Tuesday 24th September and Wednesday 25th September) ceasing the majority of their flight operations due to “unsecured access to fresh cash, which the airline needs for further flight operations”.

“The company is at this point intensively searching solutions in cooperation with a potential investor. The goal of everyone involved is to make Adria Airways fly again according to the schedule and that ceasing of certain operations is indeed temporarily.”

said Adria Airways on a statement

During these two days, the company will maintain a connection to its most important hub in Frankfurt. The Airline will operate on Tuesday 24th September, a flight from Frankfurt to Ljubljana and on Wednesday 25th September the return flight to Ljubljana.

Adria Airways Temporarily Suspends Operations

“The company deeply regrets the situation and apologies to all its passengers and partners”. Adria is advising passengers to check with sales offices before travelling to the airport.

Slovenia had sold Adria to German investment fund 4K Invest in 2016, but underwent a change of majority shareholder earlier this year.

The current fleet of Adria Airways has 18 aircraft: 3 Airbus A319’s, 2 Bombardier CRJ-700’s, 8 Bombardier CRJ-900’s and 5 Saab 2000’s making an average fleet age of 15.7 Years.


The airline announced that it will continue with temporarily ceased majority of its flight operations also on Thursday 26th September and Friday 27th September. During these two additional days, the company will only maintain a connection to Frankfurt.

“Adria Airways is still leading active discussions with potential new owners and major creditors and remains dedicated in reaching positive solution for all.”

Said Adria Airways on a statement

Slovenian Civil Aviation Agency has given Adria Airways until Wednesday, October 2 at 23.59 CEST to submit a viable restructuring plan, supported by certified aircraft lease agreements, otherwise, it will revoke the carrier’s Air Operator’s Certificate and begin bankruptcy proceedings.

During Tuesday and Wednesday, Adria canceled 158 flights affecting more than 3,700 passengers.