In the past few days, we have covered a good number of deals out of Stockholm to Asia and New Zealand, including:

If you are wanting to travel westward, there are currently many great fares between France and US/Canada offered by some Star Alliance airlines and Oneworld Alliance airlines. Some of these airlines include United, Swiss and Lufthansa from Star Alliance and Iberia, British Airways, Finnair and American Airlines from Oneworld Alliance.

These fares are mostly widely available for travel from October 2019 to August 2020. You need not have to set off from Paris. You can start from one French city and end your flight itinerary in another French city. You may also purchase an open-jaw ticket as well (e.g CDG-JFK-BOS-CDG). Here are some examples (note that the below examples are not an exhaustive list of routings):

Round Trip Flights: France to US/Canada

1)Paris to Miami from $1,408/€1,285

2)Paris to New York from $1,406/€1,283

3)Paris to Los Angeles from $1,506/€1,374

4)Nice to San Francisco from $1,500/€1,369

5)Paris to Vancouver from $1,847/€1,685

Open Jaw Flights: France to US/Canada

1)Paris – San Francisco – Los Angeles – Paris from $1,516/ €1,383

2) Paris – Boston – New York – Nice from $1,518/ €1,386

How To Find This Deal?

This deal can be easily found using Google Flights and ITA Matrix. If you want to create an open-jaw ticket on Google Flights, select “Multi-City” as shown in the picture below.

What Are The Business Class Products?

Given that you can do so many combinations, in terms of airlines and routings, out of France to US/Canada, here are just some examples of the Business Class you may be flying on:

1) British Airways New Club Suite on A350

British Airways A350-1000

2) Lufthansa Business Class on long haul flights

3) American Airlines Business Class on long haul flights

4) Finnair Business Class on the A350

Finnair Business Class Deal

In case you are unfamiliar with the new British Airways Business Class Suite, check out Sam’s review here:

Where Should I Credit This Ticket?

Since there are so many possibilities to create your itinerary, I would recommend you to consider the following points when choosing your flights:

  • List the top 3 Airlines/Business Class seats you want to try
  • Review your miles game strategy: Do you want to have more miles in Oneworld, Star Alliance or Alaska Airlines?

The Alaska Mileage Plan is a lucrative program which allows you to redeem flights at great rates. If you choose to credit your miles into the Alaska Mileage Plan, you may want to choose to fly American Airlines, British Airways or Finnair. If you are unfamiliar with the Alaska Mileage Plan, you may want to check out the link below.

After you have prioritised several options, check out where to credit.  For example should you choose to fly Finnair and American Airlines between Paris and Los Angeles, your tickets should book into fare code I for some great earnings on British Airways (16187 Avios base points) or Alaska Airlines (15880 base miles).

Fare code I for both American Airlines and Finnair.

Generally speaking, you need 22k British Airways Avios points for 4 hours one way Intra Asia Business Class flights and 25k Alaska miles for up to 8-9 hours one way Intra Asia Business Class flight. Hence,choose wisely!

H/T: MightyTravels FlyerTalk