Earlier this year, the US Department of Transportation formally granted 12 additional slots at Tokyo’s Haneda airport ahead of the 2020 Summer Olympics. Tokyo’s Haneda airport matters as its a much more centrally located airport to Tokyo’s metropolis and generally a more pleasurable experience, but like London’s Heathrow airport, it is slot restricted.

Of the 12 new slots, Delta Air Lines got 5, United Airlines got 4, American Airlines got 2 and Hawaiian Airlines picked up 1. While that isn’t exactly how I thought allocations would play out, it didn’t surprise me to see Delta come out as the biggest winner.

Delta Air Lines Tokyo-Haneda (HND) Flights

Delta Air Lines has the most flights from the USA to Tokyo Haneda (HND) and deservedly so. They do not have a partner in Japan, like United does with ANA or American does with JAL. Instead Delta partners with Korean Airlines based out of Seoul (ICN). While it looks like Delta is adding a bunch of new flights, Delta isn’t actually adding much capacity as they are abandoning their current Tokyo hub at Narita airport (NRT).

New Delta Flights as of 28 March 2020

Atlanta to Haneda – Operated by B777-200LR

DL295 Atlanta to Tokyo departing 11:1 arriving 14:30 (+1 day)
DL296 Tokyo to Atlanta departing 16:45 arriving 16:15

Detroit to Haneda – Operated by A350-900

DL275 Detroit to Tokyo departing 12:15 arriving 14:15 (+1 day)
DL276 Tokyo to Detroit departing 15:25 arriving 14:20

Honolulu to Haneda – Operated by B767-300

DL181 Honolulu to Tokyo departing 16:00 arriving 20:00 (+1 day)
DL180 Tokyo to Honolulu departing 22:00 arriving 10:45

Portland to Haneda – Operated by A330-200

DL69 Portland to Tokyo departing 13:50 arriving 16:35 (+1 day)
DL68 Tokyo to Portland departing 18:30 arriving 11:45

Seattle to Haneda – Operated by A350-900

DL167 Seattle to Tokyo departing 11:55 arriving 14:20 (+1 day)
DL166 Tokyo to Seattle departing 16:30 arriving 09:45

Additionally, Delta already has existing Tokyo Haneda (HND) flights to Los Angeles and Minneapolis; these routes will see minor schedule updates from March 28th 2020, reflected below.

Los Angeles to Haneda – Operated by B777-200LR

DL7 Los Angeles to Tokyo departing 10:10 arriving 13:45 (+1 day)
DL8 Tokyo to Los Angeles departing 15:45PM arriving 09:45

Minneapolis to Haneda – Operated by B777-200LR

DL121 Minneapolis to Tokyo departing 11:20 arriving 13:35 (+1 day)
DL120 Tokyo to Minneapolis departing 16:20 arriving 13:20

United Airlines New Tokyo-Haneda (HND) Flights

United currently operates flights from San Francisco to Tokyo Haneda (HND airport. With their new allocations, United has picked up 4 additional slots to begin flying from Newark (EWR), Washington (IAD), Chicago (ORD) and Los Angeles (LAX). United will be maintaining some flights from Tokyo Narita (NRT) as well as from Tokyo Haneda (HND) airports.

New United Flights as of 28 March 2020

Chicago to Haneda – Operated by B777-200ER

UA881 Chicago to Tokyo departing 12:45 arriving 15:55 (+1 day)
UA882 Tokyo to Chicago departing 17:4 arriving 15:55

Newark to Haneda – Operated by B777-200ER

UA131 Newark to Tokyo departing 10:40 arriving 13:35 (+1 day)
UA130 Tokyo to Newark departing 17:15 arriving 17:10

Washington to Haneda – Operated by B777-200ER

UA803 Washington to Tokyo departing 12:30 arriving 15:30 (+1 day)
UA804 Tokyo to Washington departing 16:00 arriving 15:45

Los Angeles to Haneda – Operated by B787-10

UA39 Los Angeles to Tokyo departing 12:00 arriving 15:45 (+1 day)
UA38 Tokyo to Los Angeles departing 18:20 arriving 12:25

Additionally, United’s San Francisco flight will continue to operate with its existing schedule noted below.

San Francisco to Haneda – Operated by B787-9

UA875 San Francisco to Tokyo departing 10:45 arriving 13:55 (+1 day)
UA876 Tokyo to San Francisco departing 15:45 arriving 09:05

American Airlines New Tokyo-Haneda (HND) Flights

Like everything else American Airlines has recently done, their approach to Haneda (HND) lacked in excitement and originality. While American submitted a bid to start Las Vegas flights, they were only awarded 2 slots which the airline is using to increase Los Angeles (LAX) service and is starting a Dallas Fort-Worth (DFW) flight.

Interestingly, American upgauged their Dallas to Handea flight to a B777-300ER from their initial filing, meaning that the flight will offer a true First Class with access to Flagship Dining. Now that the flights are officially filed we also know that American will be the only of the big 3 airline reducing their Tokyo service next year. With the new Haneda (HND) service they will be dropping about 1/2 of their Tokyo Narita (NRT) flights; although with their joint venture with Japan Airlines, I’m sure they don’t mind. Still an interesting strategy.

New American Flights as of 29 March 2020

Dallas to Haneda – Operated by B777-300ER

AA175 Dallas to Tokyo Haneda departing 12:35 arriving 15:55 (+1 day)
AA176 Tokyo Haneda to Dallas departing 18:15 arriving 16:25

Los Angeles to Haneda – Operated by B787-9

AA170 Los Angeles to Tokyo Haneda departing 12:40 arriving 04:45 (+1 day)
AA169 Tokyo Haneda to Los Angeles departing 11:55 arriving 06:30

American Airlines existing Los Angeles to Haneda flights will continute to exist as is with the following schedule below.

Los Angeles to Haneda – Operated by B787-9

AA27 Los Angeles to Tokyo Haneda departing 10:15 arriving 14:20
AA26 Tokyo Haneda to Los Angeles departing 16:25 arriving 10:25

In Conclusion

Some airlines are stepping up for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and some are meeting expectations of being disappointing….(cough, American). Overall, the new flights are great for consumers; with more options, there is increased competition hopefully leading to better products for lower prices.

If you’re planning on attending the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, you should have already booked your award flights; but if you haven’t yet, take a look at the award seats on these brand new flights as they probably aren’t very full yet and you might be able to score a great deal!

What do you make of the new Haneda flights?