A Philippine Airlines Boeing 777-300ER was departing Los Angeles when the flight crew turned the aircraft around, after the right GE90 engine emitted flames.

The aircraft, registered RP-C7775, was performing flight PR113 from Los Angeles to Manila with 342 passengers and 18 crew on board, when the incident occurred during its climb out of runway 25R.

Declaring a mayday to air traffic control, and stating that the right engine was surging, the pilots brought the aircraft up to 5000 feet to position for an approach back into Los Angeles, this time using runway 25L.

The mayday declaration to air traffic control can be heard here:

Twelve minutes after departure, the aircraft performed a successful landing and was greeted by airport fire services. No passengers or crew were injured during the incident.

A passenger caught the engine emitting flames on video, as seen here:

Philippine Airlines Boeing 777 Engine Emits Flames
Engine emitting flames (photo: Yochai Mossi)

Whilst Philippine Airlines worked out flight schedules, passengers were provided with meals and hotel accommodation.

“We likewise recognise and appreciate the calm professionalism exhibited by our experienced flight and cabin crew, headed by Captain Triston Simeon and Purser Joanne Marie Dirige, in executing the unscheduled landing and taking care of our passengers.”

Philippine Airlines

Philippine Airlines is working with the appropriate authorities to determine the cause of the incident and to get the aircraft back in service.

Cover photo by Yochai Mossi