A Turkish Airlines Boeing 737-800 skidded off the runway during landing on November 21st; it came to a stop with a collapsed landing gear, prompting an evacuation.

The aircraft, registered TC-JGZ, was performing flight TK467 from Istanbul to Odessa, with 134 passengers and crew on board when the incident occurred.

On final approach to Odessa’s runway 16, the pilots initiated a low altitude go around and climbed to 8000 feet to prepare for another approach.

Landing 25 minutes later, the aircraft skidded off the left edge of the runway and came to a stop with a collapsed nose gear reaching beyond the paved surface.

Passengers and crew evacuated using escape slides and were met by emergency services, who secured the scene. No injuries were reported during the landing and evacuation.

Interestingly enough, this was the second nose gear related incident to occur at Odessa airport that day. A corporate jet performed a rejected takeoff after its nose gear was ground down, as seen here:

Turkish Airlines Boeing 737-800 Skids off Runway

Corporate jet incident photo by odessa_info1

An investigation will likely be opened to determine the cause of both incidents, with the aim of preventing them from occurring again. Engineers are assessing the damage of the Turkish Airlines 737-800 whilst it remains grounded.

The extent of the damage remains unclear, however the undercarriage, engines, landing gear and wings will likely require extensive checks.

Information thanks to The Aviation Herald