On the 22nd of November an Avior Airlines Boeing 737-400 ended up in a slanted position after its landing gear collapsed during landing.

The aircraft, registered YV3012, was performing flight 9V 1400 between Valencia, Venezuela and Bogota, Colombia when, during landing on runway 13L, the right main landing gear collapsed.

Rescue services attending the scene sprayed fire fighting foam around the landing gear, to prevent any fires from igniting from the fuel spilling out of the damaged wings.

Avior Airlines Boeing 737-400 Landing Gear Collapses
Avior Airlines Boeing 737-400 Landing Gear Collapses

As a result of the accident, airport authorities elected to temporarily close down the northerly runway; significantly reducing airport capacity whilst the scene was being worked on.

Passengers and crew were evacuated from the aircraft and transported to the terminal building via bus. Some were treated for minor injuries after panic arose on board during the landing.

The aircraft is reported to be seriously damaged, making recovery efforts harder than usual. Additionally engine fragments were located on the landing runway, prompting a cleanup of the area.

Two months ago the aircraft, which first flew in 1989, had a general technical review performed in a specialised workshop located in Latacunga, Ecuador and endorsed by Boeing.

YV3012 / Boeing 737-401 / 23990/1732 / Avior Airlines

An investigation will determine the cause of the accident to prevent it from occurring again. Pilot, exterior environment and aircraft technical performance will all likely be subject to intense review.