January 29th 2020, a flight from Wuhan, China carrying U.S. government personnel and some private Americans landed in California.

It is interesting to see how the US government made this evacuation successful.

As reported, the flight originally was planned to be operated by a Boeing 767 passenger plane and going to Ontario Airport; but for some reason, none of these became true.

As a result, a Kallita Air Boeing 747-400F, with registration N705CK, cargo aircraft flew to Wuhan to pick up passengers.

N705CK (Permitted to use by author mariaPGAer)

Here is how the aircraft went to Wuhan from the US with flight number K49372: on January 26th, N705CK left Oscoda–Wurtsmith Airport located in Michigan and proceeded to Anchorage, Alaska; on January 27th, N705CK left Anchorage and proceeded to Seoul Incheon, South Korea; on January 28th, N705CK left Seoul and landed at Wuhan, China at about 22:00 local time.

N705CK Outbound Flights

About 05:00 in the morning the next day, the aircraft left Wuhan and flew directly to Anchorage, Alaska, to get fuel, then proceeded to Riverside March Air Reserve Base, California.

N705CK Inbound Flights

Not only is the route interesting, but there are also some pictures around the internet showing how this cargo aircraft was converted into a passenger jet.

N705CK Interior (CNN)
N705CK Interior (World Journal)
N705CK Interior (World Journal)
N705CK Interior (World Journal)

Cover Picture: AP Photo/Ringo H.W. Chiu